Cyclist Sidelined But Later Receives Justice from Jury

When a young athlete, whose joy in life was tied to her participation in amateur sporting events, was sidelined by a careless driver in DeKalb County, Georgia, she wisely brought her complaint before a court of law.

Here’s the Story That Ended Up in a Personal Injury Trial…

The victim was riding her bike along the side of the road on a dark, rainy night when she and her bike were broad-sided by a motor vehicle attempting to cross the road she on which she was riding. There was no question about who was at fault – the driver of the motor vehicle admitted responsibility.

The young woman suffered a herniated disc between lumbar vertebrae L4-L5 in her lower back. Doctors required three MRIs, physical therapy, massage therapy. Her treatments were ordered by medical professionals including am orthopedist, a neurologist and a neurosurgeon. She did not undergo surgical intervention.

An Athlete Removed From Her Passion Because of a Negligent Driver

This active 24-year-old had been an athlete throughout her high school and college years. Following the accident and the injuries she sustained, she filed a civil suit in DeKalb County State Court. She claimed that her ability to participate in sporting events including, track and field, bicycling and volleyball was severely limited as a result of the accident. She admitted that she can still bicycle, however the distance she could ride prior to the accident – 350 miles per week – has now been cut to about 40 miles. The back injury she suffered makes it impossible to compete as an amateur in other events and activities she enjoyed as part of her active lifestyle.

In the complaint the plaintiff asked for $17,000 in medical costs.

The Defendant driver of the vehicle that crashed into the woman disputed the degree to which the woman was impaired or impaired.  They called into question the necessity of the testing and treatment she had undergone.

A Defendants Strategy: Prove She is Still Active

The Defendant insisted also that because the Plaintiff was able to tour Europe by bicycle after the accident, it was proof that her injuries were not severe enough to warrant damages.

A Six-Figure Award

Following the trial, the DeKalb County jury deliberated only 2 hours before granting the plaintiff $125,000.

Every day across our Nation accidents change the ways in which people are able to enjoy their daily lives. Unfortunately, laypeople don’t always see that having their lifestyles stunted by the negligent actions of other is not okay. While we can still walk and talk and participate in normal activities at some limited level, we are often too willing to quietly accept the consequences visited upon us by others.

The laws of the United States of America and in Georgia provide protection for our individual pursuit of happiness. This young woman’s right to fully enjoy her life as an athlete was permanently interrupted by a careless driver. Fortunately, her rights were upheld by the jury.

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