Have the Right-of-Way in your Car Accident? Jury Trial Decided Motorcycle vs. Car Showdown and $450,000.00 Verdict!

Some people leave the scene of an accident with minor injuries, some end up with severe life changing disabilities. In one case, a motorcycle rider was fortunate to walk away, but in terms of injuries…he was not so lucky.

In Floyd County, Georgia a motorcycle collided with a vehicle turning left onto northbound Highway 293 from Turner Chapel Road. The motorcycle driver was riding southbound on Highway 293 when the accident occurred.

The showdown was between a female vehicle driver and a male motorcycle rider in early spring of 2004. The vehicle driver pulled in front of the motorcycle. According to the rider, he veered to his left to avoid the car, but the collision was inevitable and he ran into her.

A Motorcycle Driver As the Plaintiff

The motorcycle rider sued the female. He stated that he was traveling the posted speed of 45 mph. He claimed that she was being negligent to the right-of-way rules. As a result of the accident, he had a fractured pelvis that required fixation of the left acetabulum and eventually needed a total hip joint replacement on that same side.

According to an independent witness, it was obvious the woman driving the car hesitated at the intersection, but did not stop prior to proceeding through the stop sign on Turner Chapel. Medical experts testified that the plaintiff will need at least one—maybe even two—additional hip replacements in the future. His ability to return to work had been compromised.

A Half-A-Million Request from a MVA

He sought $500,000 for past and future damages.

The defendant, her husband and a third witness testified that the plaintiff admitted to speeding. She also claimed that she stopped prior to entering the intersection and did not see the plaintiff until after the impact.

The motorcycle rider’s statement wasn’t lining up with the hearsay from earlier…the vehicle driver’s statement wasn’t lining up with what the plaintiff’s witness saw at the scene. So who’s at fault? Who’s right?

The Jury deliberated for nearly two hours and the plaintiff was awarded $450,000.

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