Motorcycle Safety Tips For Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just a few short weeks away, dad may want to celebrate the holiday and get an early start on the official kickoff of Summer by hitting the open road on his coveted motorcycle. Whether dad rides for sport or pleasure, he may need a few reminders on rider safety. After all, 93% of motorcycle accidents are fatal and keeping dad safe is #1 so at The Millar Law Firm., we’re providing rider safety tips for dad and all motorcycle enthusiasts!

Wear A Helmet – Even though it is the law and helmets have been known to save lives, some riders still choose to ride the big slab back door without a helmet. While dad will probably say he’s been “riding for years and knows the lanes”, be sure he cruises with his helmet on, it could save his life.

Stay Visible – After years of riding, dad will probably have stories about his fast riding awards (speeding tickets). While those awards can be costly, being seen by an officer means dad is at least staying visible. Staying visible is the best way to see other drivers and to be seen clearly. Let dad know before he hammers down to be sure he has on bright colors or reflectors to ensure he can be seen by everyone on the road.

Keep A Safe Distance – Riding at a safe distance is critical to avoiding collisions. Dad will know the road but may not be so ready to miss the chance to soar down the center lane in heavy traffic. If dad decides to lane split, remind him how important it is to keep a safe distance and to make sure the law permits splitting. A rule of thumb is to keep a distance that takes 2 full seconds to cover. That way, he can breeze through traffic safely.

Before dad puts on his leathers for Father’s Day and hits the pavement, be sure to let him know that if he is hit by another car, truck, or another rider that he will be able to make more money from a settlement than with his insurance company if he chooses The Millar Law Firm. We specialize in handling motorcycle accidents in the state of Georgia and are committed to getting dad the compensation he deserves after an accident. We are available 24/7 via phone call or text message at 404-620-4301, by contact form on our website for a call back, or speak with an attorney via live chat at