Know the Right-of-way Rules of the Road

Have you ever been to a place where the right-of-way rules seem completely backward? You don’t know if you should slow down, you don’t know if the other person is on the same page as you…it’s not an ideal situation.

Unfortunately, a gentleman in Macon County was caught at the bad end of a right-of-way miscommunication. He was riding his motorcycle and suffered severe injuries after colliding with a vehicle that entered the roadway in front of him. The man driving the vehicle disputed any liability and damage, but a Macon County jury awarded the motorcyclist $650,000.

The Motorcycle Accident

According to reports, the motorcyclist was on a country road in Macon County. The defendant, who was driving his own vehicle, entered the roadway in front of the oncoming traffic. The plaintiff attempted to stop. Who wouldn’t try to stop? But the motorcyclist ended up with 147 feet of skid marks.

But, the plaintiff’s motorcycle did collide with the vehicle. So what now? Who’s at fault?

The motorcyclist and the man driving the vehicle went to court and presented their facts. The plaintiff stated the defendant failed to yield the right-of-way and caused the accident. The defendant denied liability.

A witness driving ahead of the plaintiff saw the crash in their rearview mirror and they testified that the plaintiff could not have avoided hitting the defendant’s vehicle. According to the witness, once the vehicle pulled out into traffic, it was inevitable that the two would collide. You can’t fight inertia.

The Injuries Sustained From the Accident

Not only did the plaintiff have massive road rash, but he sustained a spinal injury that required two surgeries, as well as leg and foot fractures. All of these prevented him from returning to work as a truck driver.

The defendant had an accident reconstruction expert present his report. The man stated that the plaintiff was speeding around a curve and the defendant had no way of seeing the approaching motorcycle. The defendant further argued the actual extent of the plaintiff’s injuries. He also argued that the plaintiff made no real effort to get back to work.

The jury deliberated for four hours and awarded the plaintiff $650,000.

Hiring an Injury Lawyer for your Case

Sometimes cases are black and white, left or right. Occasionally it’s difficult to tell who’s really at fault. Don’t hesitate to call The Millar Law Firm to discuss your accident and your injuries. We take pride in helping the citizens of Georgia, and we value your safety and the safety of those you love.