Georgia Motorcycle Accidents – Are You At the Mercy of Inattentive Drivers?

You could be traveling down the highway in a perfectly lawful way when the poor driving habits of others involve you in an ugly accident – the kind of accident that changes your life forever. No matter how cautiously you drive, you are still at the mercy of other drivers.

The Story of One Motorcycle Accident Victim

In this case a man was operating his motorcycle down a multi-lane highway when suddenly, another vehicle veered into his lane, colliding with his motorcycle. His injuries were severe and caused permanent impairment. He suffered fractures of his tibia and fibula in leg that required surgery to open the leg, set the bones, and then stabilize them with internal hardware. The injuries resulted in visible limp and arthritic changes to the leg causing a 10% permanent impairment.

The Filed Lawsuit in Cobb County

The motorcyclist filed an action in Cobb County State Court alleging that: (1) the defendant had changed lanes directly in front of his motorcycle; (2) the defendant was negligent in making an improper lane change; and (3) as a result the plaintiff suffered significant permanent injuries as a direct result of the collision.

Plaintiff claimed $88,600 in past medical specials and $15,700 in past wage loss. Plaintiff’s wife claimed loss of consortium.

The Battle Between Defendants

The Defendant driver insisted that the accident was caused by a third driver who sped across in front of the defendant immediately prior to the collision.  The defendant contended that she was forced to cross into the motorcyclist’s lane of travel as a result. Defendant 1 filed a third party claim against Defendant 2, claiming that the lane change was the cause of the accident.

Defendant 2 maintained that Defendant 1 was solely responsible for the collision and the plaintiff’s injuries.

The Awarded Payout

Ultimately, the defendant motorcyclist was awarded $1,224,000 against Defendant 1. In addition, the plaintiff received prejudgment interest in the amount of $111,750, yielding a total judgment of $1,333,750.

Life isn’t fair. Very often, bad things happen to nice people when they are blameless. Fortunately, our system of law provides for consequences when someone else’s recklessness or negligence causes harm to innocents.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Ready to Help

If you have been injured by the actions or inactions of others, call the legal team at The Millar Law Firm. Allow us to review the facts in your case to see if we can help you recover financially. We cannot make permanent limps disappear, but we can often plead with the court to get you the money you need for the best medical care possible. A simple phone call or email may be all that stands between you and a better future.