Airbag Vest Technology Offers Wearable Protection for Motorcyclists

It’s important for motorcyclists to do everything possible to look out for their own safety and welfare on the road. Too often, other motorists aren’t attentive for motorcycles and overlook them in traffic, causing serious accidents.

To reduce the risk of debilitating injuries, a company has developed an inflatable vest capable of protecting a motorcyclist’s head and neck in an accident, according to a Fox News report. Head injuries from motorcycle wrecks can be deadly.

The Spidi Neck DPS acts as a safety vest for motorcycle riders, using a built-in airbag system designed to avert spinal injuries.

How the Vest Works

The vest’s collar is equipped with two airbags attached to a small C02canister comparable to the type used for air guns. The canister’s trigger connects by a tether to the motorcycle. When a motorcyclist is thrown from the bike, the tether gets pulled and the vest inflates, filling in two-tenths of a second.

The airbags inflate so quickly they can become an air brace of sorts between the motorcyclist’s shoulders and helmet, preventing the rider’s head from snapping or twisting upon impact. The airbags remain inflated for several minutes, keeping the rider’s neck and head in place.

Spidi contends this technology can cut down significantly on spinal damage resulting from the neck and head snapping, causing paralysis and even death.

Originally developed for motorcycle racing suits, the airbag technology was incorporated into vests that can be adjusted to fit over most types of clothing.

Consumers don’t have to worry about continually purchasing new ones in case of a wreck. The Neck DPS, unlike car airbags, can be repacked by the owner as long as it isn’t damaged in a wreck and loaded with a fresh C02 charge for more use. The Neck DPS can be purchased in the United States for $599, according to the article.

Another protective development, the “Hit Air” jacket uses this type of technology along with armor to protect a rider’s shoulders, elbows and spine in case of a crash. The inflated jacket gives the rider instant neck and head protection before impact, and a few seconds later the gas releases automatically through a valve.

Feeling the Effects

Motorcycle safety vests may eventually become standard gear for safety conscious riders, just as helmets are today. This technology may prevent a biker from suffering life-altering injuries.

The state of Georgia recorded 116 motorcyclist fatalities in 2013 and an average of 141 motorcycle-crash deaths a year over the last decade, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Many of those accidents were preventable accidents caused by inattentive motorists who weren’t paying attention for motorcycles.

Riders who survive motorcycle collisions with other vehicles often have lengthy recoveries. Some riders who suffer neck or head injuries or paralysis may need help for the rest of their lives with tasks such as eating, dress and bathing.

Motorcyclists who sustain serious injuries in accidents caused by the negligence of other motorists in Georgia may seek compensation to cover medical expenses, lost pay, property damage and mental anguish. A motorcycle accident attorney experienced in handling claims stemming from motorcycle accidents can advise you on your options and help steer you through the legal system.