Henry County Georgia Restaurant Learns $1.5M Lesson About Over-Serving Alcohol

Bars and restaurants are given the freedom to serve alcohol under certain circumstances. With the freedom to make money from alcohol consumption comes the obligation to regulate the amount of alcohol they serve. In other words, when an establishment over-serves an individual and that individual harms another as a result, there are consequences.

This is the story of two minor children left fatherless because of too much alcohol.

A Late Night/Early Morning Head on Collision

In the wee hours of an early October morning, the children’s 25-year-old father was on his way home from work on State Route 155 in Henry County. His Ford Taurus was hit head-on when an oncoming BMW crossed the center line while rounding a curve. The children’s father suffered blunt-force head trauma in the collision and died as a result of his injuries.

The BMW’s driver had alcohol on his breath and vomit on his shirt when the police arrived. He admitted that he had eight or nine drinks at the Sand Trap Bar and Grille. Ultimately, the man pleaded guilty to DUI, reckless driving, and vehicular homicide. He was sentenced to 15 years in State prison.

How Car Accident Lawsuits Against Bars Work

A suit was brought in Henry County, Georgia against the Sand Trap Bar and Grille on behalf of the decedent’s two minor children. The pleadings alleged that the establishment had continued to serve the driver of the BMW long after he was obviously intoxicated.

Other patrons had witnessed the driver drinking excessively and singing karaoke.  His bar tab that night included 14 drinks, including 10 Jager Bombs. (Jagermeister is high-proof alcohol containing 35 percent alcohol by volume. A Jager Bomb is ingested quickly from shot glasses and can result in the almost immediate onset of intoxication.)

The plaintiffs also presented evidence that the driver had vomited in the bar’s bathroom before leaving without paying his tab.  He was seen leaving the establishment with a drink in his hand. One witness stated that a waitress seemed to show concern that the defendant was intoxicated and asked him if he was driving. The waitress then continued to serve him alcohol according to testimony.

While the defendant denied any wrong-doing, they settled the matter out of court for the full limit of their insurance coverage, $ 1,500,000.

For every right we enjoy in this Nation, there is a responsibility. Our legal system is bound to protect the innocent victims who are injured by those negligent others who do not fulfill their legal responsibilities. In this case those responsible for depriving two children of their father were brought to account.

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