Unlikely Dog Breeds Can and Will Attack

When we think of dog bites, we think of those breeds that have come to be widely known as “aggressive,” like pit bulls, American Staffordshire, and even German Shepherds. This isn’t to say all dogs of these breeds are aggressive; on the contrary, many dog owners have successfully raised friendly and well-trained dogs of “aggressive” breeds. It also doesn’t mean dogs of other breeds are entirely safe.

Case in point: An Ohio woman was attacked by two boxers and a beagle last week while hiking in a state park.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, the woman was hiking in Chillicothe’s Great Seal State Park when she came upon the three dogs eating a carcass. They circled her and pinned her against a tree.

The woman was able to use her cell phone to call her husband and tell him where to find her. He and a Ross County sergeant located the dogs along. One of the boxers had to be shot as it charged the two men. The other two dogs were euthanized.

Fortunately, the victim escaped with only bites to her legs. The owner of the dogs was cited for allowing his dogs to roam and said they had never been aggressive before. He is reported as being “pretty upset” about the entire incident.

Dogs are animals. Even though they are domesticated, we still occasionally see that wild side come out, particularly if they are startled or feel threatened when eating or when their territory is encroached upon.

For this woman, a hike in the woods turned quite scary, and it wasn’t because of an aggressive dog breed. Both boxers and beagles are seen as the ultimate in playful family pets. She had no way of knowing they would attack.

The woman was treated for her injuries at a local hospital and released.

Though the dogs were what are commonly considered friendly breeds, they attacked, and the owner could be held responsible for the woman’s injuries.

Dog owners are responsible for their pets. They are responsible for keeping track of them and raising them in such a manner that they won’t attack, or at least that they won’t attack anyone who doesn’t pose them or their owner any danger. When dogs attack, victims are traumatized and can be severely injured.

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