Newly Released: 2013 Dog Bite Statistics

In the effort to reduce dog attacks across the United States, many organizations release data each year on dog bites, where they happen, why they happen, and what’s being done to stop them. is one of those agencies. Though not without criticism, the organization says it is committed to reducing serious dog attacks. Specifically, the group seems to target “pit bull” dog breeds.

Recently, released its 2013 data. According to a press release from the organization, its annual dog bite statistics come from a variety of resources. Among their findings for 2013:

  • In 2013, 32 dog-bite fatalities occurred in the U.S.
  • 78% of the fatalities involved a pit bull breed, despite more than 700 U.S. cities regulating the breed.
  • 18 of the deaths in 2013 were children ages 7 and younger; 14 were adults. 61%, or 11 of the deaths, were children ages 4 and younger.
  • Overall, 16 males and 16 females were killed in dog attacks. But in children ages 7 and younger, boys accounted for 72% of the fatalities.
  • Over one-third or 38% of the fatalities happened in homes where the victim was visiting or living temporarily. Children ages 7 and younger accounted for 83% of these deaths.
  • Family dogs accounted for 47% of the fatal dog attacks.
  • 78% of the deaths involving family dogs happened on the dog owner’s property.
  • 47% of the fatalities involved more than one dog.
  • 9% of the deaths involved dogs that were tied up.
  • California leads the nation in fatal dog attacks, with 5. Texas followed with 4 fatal dog attacks and Arkansas and South Carolina each had 3. admits to being anti-pit bull. The mission of their organization is to bring attention to what it says is the most dangerous dog breed in existence.

Owners of pit bulls will tell you their dogs are the friendliest and most loyal breed around. Critics, like those at, will tell you that breeding them for guarding, fighting, and aggressive traits have made them unpredictable and highly dangerous.

What both sides will likely agree on is that the dog owners are as much to blame for a dog’s behavior as the dog itself.

2013 Georgia Dog Fatalities

In the state of Georgia, there were two fatalities involving dog attacks this past year. Both involved children.

A twenty-one-month-old girl was killed by family dogs in her backyard. The dogs were, according to, all pit bulls. It’s believed that the young child crawled outside through a doggie door while her grandmother was napping.

The attack happened on March 27. The child’s young mother, two other adults, and two boys were all present in the home when the attack happened. The mother faced criminal charges as a result.

In the second fatal dog attack, a two-year-old boy from Fulton County was killed by the family’s pet. Kissy Face had been a member of the family for 8 years when the accident happened. The attack occurred when Beau’s mother went to the restroom. No criminal charges were filed.

While fatal dog attacks are by far the most horrific attacks of all, non-fatal dog bites are far more common. Being bitten by a dog can happen when you’re visiting friends, out for a run, or doing yard work in front of your own home. They can happen at any time and truly involve any type of dog.