When an Accident Leads to Other Accidents

A car accident is a distraction to other drivers. Many times an accident can be the cause of a follow-up crash, as drivers are paying more attention to what’s unfolding on the side of the road than what’s happening right in front of them.

We’ve all seen it before, a crash on the other side of the road (even a divided highway or freeway) causes significant slow-downs in the opposing traffic. While it would make sense if the road was small and drivers were exercising caution in order to avoid hitting emergency workers, it is often nothing more than what’s commonly known as “rubber-necking” or “onlooker delays.”

It’s these situations that can often lead to even more accidents.

Earlier this month, two Roswell police officers were responding to an accident on GA 400 when they were involved in additional crashes themselves. While it isn’t clear whether distraction by the original wreck caused the second and third accidents, but it is a possibility.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the original accident happened when a woman’s car hit the median wall on GA 400 near Holcomb Bridge Road. One responding officer collided with another vehicle when that vehicle failed to yield to the lights and sirens. Fortunately, no one in that crash was injured.

The third accident, however, resulted injuries. It was a pedestrian accident that happened when another Roswell officer struck a male pedestrian at Holcomb Bridge and Grimes Bridge Roads. The pedestrian was listed in stable condition at North Fulton Hospital. The officer in this accident was treated for a knee injury.

One accident can lead to several more. We often see this on the freeway, where an accident slowdown leads to rear-end accidents in the backed up traffic. Similarly, crashes can happen when emergency responders are in a rush to the accident scene, as they are often speeding and other drivers must yield to them.

Regardless of who you are in an accident with, if it isn’t your fault, you could be entitled to compensation. This includes situations where the other driver is distracted by what’s going on around him.

We all have to be accountable for our safety on the roads. Even when you are the safest driver you can be, you are still at risk of being victimized by another driver.

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