When a Medical Emergency Causes an Accident

When we think of accident causes, we commonly think of distracted drivers, drunk drivers, or simply drivers who aren’t very good at handling a vehicle. But, sometimes accidents are caused by a medical event. A seizure, diabetic reaction, or loss of consciousness could cause a serious accident and put everyone on the road at risk of injury or even death.

A medical event is being blamed for one accident that happened on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in Atlanta last week. According to CBS Atlanta, the accident occurred when an SUV went off a bridge on MLK Jr. Drive near the intersection of Spring Street.

The vehicle crossed the center lane, went through the guardrail, and fell 50 feet to the ground. On its descent, the truck hit a tree and a concrete barrier. The driver and two passengers were inside and all three were conscious and breathing when emergency responders arrived.

Officials say the driver suffered a seizure while at the wheel. One of the passengers remarked that it seemed as if their driver simply “passed out” before the SUV plummeted.

While some precautions are taken to reduce the risk of medical events like this one—including not allowing some people with lifelong seizure disorders to drive—these accidents still sometimes happen.

And even though the driver didn’t know a seizure was imminent or maybe didn’t even know he had a medical condition that could bring on seizures, he can still be held responsible for the injuries caused in the fall.

Whether hit by someone who loses consciousness, or if you are in the vehicle with a driver who has a heart attack, your injuries could be costly and the consequences could last a lifetime. For this reason, you need someone on your side who understands the laws and your rights within them.

Atlanta Accident Lawyers

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