Car Accidents

Types of Injuries

Why It’s Critical to Receive a Medical Evaluation after a Car Accident

Key Points: Seeking medical help immediately after an accident is not only critical for your physical recovery but also for your potential legal claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Car accident victims often don’t seek medical treatment when they... Read More
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How Car Accidents Can Cause Damage to Cervical Discs

Key Points: Neck injuries are common in car accidents because the unsupported neck is prone to severe and sudden jolts. Some neck injuries can take hours, days, or even weeks to appear. Seeing your doctor as soon as possible after... Read More
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How to Obtain Compensation for a Labral Tear After an Accident

Key Points: Labral tears are a type of shoulder injury commonly caused by car accidents, slip and falls, and severe impacts to the arms. After an accident, shoulder pain should always be addressed by a physician. Labral tears may require... Read More
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What To Know About Hand and Wrist Injuries from Car Accidents

Key Points: When a car accident occurs, drivers often react to the impending collision by firmly gripping onto the steering wheel. The impact along with airbag deployment often lead to hand and wrist injuries. A serious injury to the wrists... Read More
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What to Know About Rib Injuries from Car Accidents

Key Points: Injuries to the ribs and the vital muscles and connective tissue around them are common in car accidents and can sometimes prove fatal. It’s important to get a medical evaluation following an accident to identify possible internal injuries.... Read More
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Moes head injury

How Car Accident Head Injuries Can Go Unnoticed

Key Points: Victims of brain injuries often don’t show any visible signs of trauma, and symptoms may be delayed for hours or even days. It’s a good idea to see a doctor as soon as possible after an accident to... Read More
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Injured woman with arm sling and neck corset

Understanding Car Accident Settlement Values for Shoulder Injuries

When you think of all the injuries that can happen in a car accident, shoulder injuries may seem like an unlikely outcome. While shoulder injuries occur more often than you may think in accidents, insurance companies usually try to undervalued... Read More
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Doctor examining a persons knee 

Everything You Need to Know About Car Accident Knee Injuries

Key Points: The sudden impact of a car accident can fracture or dislocate your kneecap, twist and tear your ligaments or cartilage, and cause other serious injuries. Knee injuries are not only painful but can also cause major physical challenges... Read More
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Calligraphic M logo at 75% transparency over doctor holding spinal x-ray.

Spinal Cord Injuries That Can Be Caused by a Car Accident

Key Points: The impacts of a car accident can cause catastrophic, life-changing damage to the spinal cord, which controls a broad range of bodily functions. Spinal cord injury symptoms and treatments can vary depending on the section of spine affected... Read More
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Silhouette of woman with hip pain.

Hip Injury Car Accident Compensation Facts

Key Points: Hip injuries are common in car accidents Most hip injuries require surgery or hip replacement The negligent party who caused the accident can be held responsible to pay for the costs of any hip injuries Pre-existing conditions such... Read More
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How to Prove a Car Accident Is Responsible for an Injury

If you are injured in a car accident, then you might think submitting an injury claim with an insurance company would be simple and straightforward. However, many accident victims are surprised when insurance companies push back against their injury claims,... Read More
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Shaking silhouette of person in neck brace.

How do I prove a whiplash injury case from a car accident, and how much is it worth in Georgia?

Key Points: When it comes to whiplash injuries, how quickly you seek and receive medical care is an important factor in how much your injury case will be worth. The total amount of past medical bills, the expected cost of... Read More
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Traumatic Brain Injury Personal Injury Settlements

Key Points: If you suffered a traumatic brain injury due to an accident, any related costs or lifestyle changes should be considered within your settlement compensation. Traumatic brain injury can cause permanent, life-altering changes that affect physical, cognitive, and sensory... Read More
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Doctors talking a car accident victim

Why Get a Motor Vehicle Accident Physical Examination After an Accident

Key Points: Quickly seeking a medical evaluation and treatment quickly can ensure a quicker recovery and lead to more complete compensation. Insurance adjusters often accuse accident victims who do not get medical care right away of “faking” their injuries. The... Read More
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Can You Rupture Your Spleen in a Car Accident?

Key Points: Blunt trauma and punctures to the chest from car crashes are among the most common causes of spleen ruptures. A doctor evaluation, blood tests, and MRI or CT imaging are often used to diagnose spleen damage. Treatment for... Read More
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A view into the cabin of a car after the airbags deployed and the driver was helped out

What to Know About Whiplash from Car Accidents

Key Points: Whiplash most commonly refers to a soft tissue injury to muscles and nerves in the neck caused by rapid backward and forward movement. It’s important to visit a doctor as soon after an accident as possible if you... Read More
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