Car Accidents

Types of Accidents

How Multi-Car Pileup Legal Claims Work in Georgia

Key Points: The risk of severe or fatal injuries increases significantly when multiple vehicles are involved in an accident.  When a multi-car pileup occurs, it often requires a more expansive investigation than a regular accident involving two cars.  Sometimes, it... Read More
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Elderly women driving a car

What to Do If You’ve Been Injured by a Senior Citizen Driver in a Car Accident

Key Points: Because driving requires split-second decision-making, a senior citizen’s slower response time and physical capabilities may mean accidents are more likely to occur. Elderly drivers may be at an increased risk of causing accidents due to physical restrictions, a... Read More
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How Georgia Car and Truck Accidents Caused by Failure to Yield are Handled and Valued

Key Points This article will explain how failure to yield car and truck crash personal injury cases are handled and won in Georgia. You can choose to handle your own case, or hire a Georgia personal injury Lawyer. The evidence... Read More
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roundabout car accident lawsuits

Roundabout Car Accidents in Georgia – Legal Guide and Resources

Key Points: Don’t let the insurance company dodge responsibility if you have been hit by a negligent driver in a roundabout. Many factors can lead to roundabout car accidents, including dangerous driving and speeding. Drivers must use turn signals to... Read More
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A car rear-ended another, with damage to both vehicles

Texting While Driving Car Accident Cases in Georgia

Key Points: Texting while driving is negligent because of the visual, manual, and cognitive attention it requires. Georgia law prohibits texting and driving and other forms of electronic distraction behind the wheel. You can prove a crash may have been... Read More
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What You Should Know about Side-Impact Accident Legal Claims

Key Points: Sideswipe, T-bone, and angular collisions are a daily occurrence on Atlanta’s congested roadways and interstates, often producing catastrophic injuries. If you are involved in a side-impact accident, proving who was at fault is an essential step to building... Read More
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How Auto Accident Settlements Are Calculated

Key Points: An accident settlement occurs when the injured party and the insurance company can come to an agreement on compensation. There are three main types of compensation you can be awarded damages for: economic damages, non-economic damages, and punitive... Read More
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A Guide to Georgia Rear-End Accident Cases

Key Points Georgia is a comparative fault state, which means that each driver’s percentage of fault determines how much compensation they can obtain. While the rear driver is typically at fault in a rear-end accident, there are instances when the... Read More
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Georgia Road Rage Lawyers

Key Points: A Georgia driver breaks the law for aggressive driving when he or she operates any type of vehicle with the intent or purpose to annoy, harass, molest, intimidate, injure, or obstruct another driver. Drivers who are guilty of... Read More
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view of a freeway with bumper-to-bumper traffic during the morning commute

Atlanta’s Busiest Roads and How You Can Avoid Them

Key Points: Atlanta is the home of six major interstates. If you frequently drive or commute, avoiding the busiest — and therefore most dangerous — roads can help keep you safe. Atlanta drivers can improve their safety and reduce their... Read More
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One car rear-ended another, with damage to both vehicles

How Georgia Rear-end Car and Truck Accidents are Handled and Valued

Key Points: This article will explain how rear-end car crash cases are handled and won in Georgia. The evidence that will help you prove your car accident case can be found using The Georgia Open Records Act, police cameras, witness... Read More
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