The Cost of Facial Injuries in an Accident

The automotive industry has worked hard over the years to make us safer when auto accidents happen. Even in severe accidents we often stay where our seat belts strap us in. Air bags and side bags can sometimes protect us from horrible and life-changing injuries. Still, horrific injuries happen every single day and some of them leave scars that last a lifetime.

Heads and faces, unfortunately, are left without much protection in an accident and it is there that permanent scarring is left behind.

What Kinds Accidents Cause Facial Trauma

As you might imagine, there are any number accidental possibilities that can cause injury to what is called the maxillofacial region. Specialists see injuries resulting from hunting accidents, athletic competition, domestic violence, and many other cases of being in the wrong place at the worst possible time. Nevertheless, traffic-related accidents are known to be the most common cause of head and facial trauma.

Heads and faces hit dashboards, steering wheels, windshields, and pavement. The airbags that are supposed to protect us can also be the cause of facial injuries in the seconds following a collision. The more violent the accident, the more likely that permanent damage will be done.

High speed accidents, head-on collisions, and T-bone or side impact collisions are some of the most likely places for facial trauma to occur. Of course, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists are also very often the victims of head trauma caused by a careless or inattentive driver.

Common Facial Injuries from Accidents

In an accident, disfiguring injuries can happen in an instant. Among the most common and costly facial traumas are caused by: 

  • Burns – among the most devastating facial injuries in accidents are burns.  Explosions, hot engine fluids as well as flaming materials and debris can make skin grafts and facial reconstruction necessary. 
  • Eye Injury – In a violent collision, projectiles and even the air bags meant to protect us can result in eye injuries. The loss of an eye, fractures to the orbital bones that create your eye-socket, or other injuries to the facial structure can leave the face permanently disfigured.
  • Facial Fractures – When even one of the more than 14 bones that make up your face is broken, the way you look can be altered in a way that even reconstructive surgery cannot correct.
  • Lacerations – Our remarkable body can heal cuts and gashes by itself, but the scars that are often left behind following an accident may change the way you look for the rest of your life.  You may look better after reconstruction surgery but, chances are, you’ll never look the same.
  • Nerve and soft tissue damage – Not surprisingly, many of the nerves that control your facial expressions are found near the face. Injuries to these areas can instantly render you unable to control the tiny muscles that make your facial expressions possible. Even small injuries to these nerves can cause permanent facial paralysis that will never go away.

Maxillofacial Specialists Are Very Expensive

We are fortunate to live in a time when an army of specialists can be called upon to treat facial trauma when it happens. From the replacement of lost or broken teeth, to the reconstruction of torn ears and mangled noses, procedures are possible in our day and age that our grandparents wouldn’t have dreamed possible. Nevertheless, putting faces back together following maxillofacial trauma isn’t cheap. And it doesn’t happen overnight.

Often, when head trauma is extensive, many surgeries must be considered and procedures scheduled over years, not months. Grafting of skin and repairs to tissues, mending shattered bone, and underlying musculature is a step-by step process. Additionally, when more complex systems like the glands that control tears and the flow of saliva have been injured, corrections, if they are possible, can take a very long time and, more patience than most of us can easily muster.

Facial trauma can be the most complicated of all accident injuries and, when repair and reconstruction are even possible, lengthy recovery times follow.

Because of the nature of this kind of injury, it is well-known that facial trauma has high, nearly incalculable financial and emotional ramifications.

The Non-Economic Cost of Facial Trauma

When someone’s face has been altered in an accident, the money required to fix it problem medically is huge. Still, that expense is secondary to the emotional and other non-economic costs. Very often, facial trauma victims must also face consequences such as these: 

  • The victim often endures stares and comments from strangers 
  • Victim experiences anxiety and diminishing sense of self-confidence
  • Victim is constantly reminded of the accident and its consequences
  • Depression often results 
  • Victim retreats from others – social isolation and reluctance to interact with others
  • Such victims often experience loss of employment, particularly if he or she is in a position requiring interaction with the public
  • Challenges associated with finding new employment

With these insurmountable costs, can such a victim ever recover?

Seeking Fair Compensation for Facial Trauma

If you or a loved one has experienced the nightmare of facial trauma in an accident caused by negligence, your hope for recovery is limited.  Money cannot restore all of what’s been lost. However, money can pay for the best medical care and its costs. A fair settlement can cover any lost income the victim has or will continue to suffer. Fair and just compensation can also help to secure your way of life as the long-term medical procedures continue. It can also help you get the psychological tools necessary to move beyond the trauma.

In order to accomplish this, though, the victim must be represented by a formidable legal team that has the hands-on experience to accurately estimate and prove even non-economic damages. To do so, your legal team must be laser-focused on your experience. Unless you retain a law firm that specializes in personal injury cases, many of the costs and consequences of your accident may never find their way into the settlement and won’t be compensated.

At the Millar Law Firm we always recommend that you take great care in retaining a lawyer. We suggest that you take time to discuss your accident and its aftermath with a qualified personal injury lawyer who understands that the rest of your life will never be the same. You need a lawyer who knows what it takes to get every last dime possible to compensate you for your losses. You need a proven winner.

Call us today for your free case evaluation. Allow us to review the facts in your case and help you determine what compensation is required to make you whole again. Let our decades of experience help you find all of the justice you’ve got coming to you.