Six Reasons to Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Accident Claim

We’ve said previously that there are certain circumstances in which hiring a lawyer could be considered ‘overkill.’ If your accident was a very minor one and there are no injuries, hiring a lawyer might actually slow down the process and leave you with a smaller settlement. That’s not altogether optimum. However, there are times when your best chance of getting what you’ve lost returned to you requires a little help from a professional.

How can a lawyer help you? He or She can do the following and much, much more:

  1. Let you know the approximate value of your case – particularly if there are injuries involved in your accident, it’s important that you collect for all costs associated with them. This includes all medical treatment and lost wages. Sometimes insurance companies are reluctant to pay this type of damages.
  2. Tell you the approximate cost for lawyer fees – Often people fear that legal costs will be prohibitive. Truth is, most lawyers handling accident claims work on a contingency fee basis. This means they wait for their money until you get yours. If you don’t get a settlement, you won’t have to pay the lawyer or law firm.
  3. Give you the approximate amounts of subrogation or insurance reimbursement – there are often hidden costs associated with an accident claim that you might not think about. One of these is the amount that must be repaid to health insurance companies, hospitals or treating clinics that file liens. An attorney should be able to estimate the amounts of these reimbursements for you, as well as negotiate the amount to be repaid.  Every dollar that the attorney saves you on reimbursement is another dollar in your pocket!
  4. Assist with insurance company notifications and questions – if you’re new to accident claims, it’s comforting to have an “old pro” to help you navigate.
  5. Take over communications with adjustors and representatives from the at-fault driver’s insurance company – having a lawyer is like having a body guard sworn to your protection. He or she will speak for you and fight for your best interests.
  6. Locate other insurance sources if the at-fault driver’s liability insurance is insufficient to cover your costs. Sometimes the amount of money the law mandates for insurance coverage is not enough to pay all the bills. If the at-fault driver’s policy limits are inadequate, your lawyer can arrange for payment through a different policy or asset.

If you think you might need a lawyer to help you settle your claim, do not hesitate to speak to one or more law firms about your accident. Many lawyers offer a free case evaluation to help you know how to determine whether or not you need professional help. This can be extremely helpful if you are unsure of your rights, or if your claim is at all complicated.

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