Six Reasons Not to Hire a Lawyer to Handle Your Claim

When people are involved in small car accidents or fender benders, they often hesitate to call a lawyer because they fear that they will be pressured – roped into hiring a attorney whether they need one or not. This is one of the reasons some people don’t trust lawyers very much. We understand completely.

No matter what some people (even other lawyers) might tell you, it isn’t always essential to hire a lawyer to handle every accident. It’s never a bad idea to get a bit of free advice, but entering into a contract with a lawyer isn’t always necessary in such cases. Why? Well, here are six reasons to save some expense and handle your accident on your own.

Consider Handling your own claim IF:

  • There is no question or doubt about how the accident happened

When everybody agrees who and what caused the accident, most of the important questions about the accident are answered already. You won’t need a lawyer to fight with the other side over what factors caused the wreck.

  • There is no longer any doubt who was at fault

When one driver is cited and pleads guilty, either in court or by paying the fine, there is often no need for a Lawyer to civilly prove that Driver A caused the accident or that he is liable under law for the damages.

  • Your injuries are very minor

We think it’s always a good idea to visit a doctor after any accident. In too many cases, internal injuries, which can be deadly, aren’t noticed immediately Very often injuries like bruising and other soft-tissue injuries – whiplash, for example – may not show up until days after the accident. Do yourself a big favor and have a doctor take a look at you even when you think you’re just a little shaken up. Your health is much more important than a little doctor bill – besides, the at-fault driver’s insurance will almost always take care of the office call or trip to the ER so be on the safe side

  • Everybody walks away without a scratch

If nobody was injured in the accident and it’s merely a matter of sorting out the damages and giving estimates to the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster, you don’t need any high-powered lawyer to state your case. You just need to work with the insurance adjuster to gather all the necessary bills, repair estimates, and get the repair work done.

  • The damage to vehicles is so minor that repair costs won’t exceed $500 and the police were not called. Even if you have to take this claim to Magistrate Court (Small Claims,) in order to collect, you won’t want to pay a lawyer to do this job for you since you will be recovering a small amount.
  • You have no questions about what your rights are.

The most important reason anybody hires a lawyer is to safeguard their rights. If your accident is so minor that you have no questions about what to expect in settlement of your claim, AND if you get precisely what you ask for, you have no need for a lawyer.

Remember, though, we do think it’s a good idea to consult a lawyer if there are any questions or concerns about how you’re being treated by the insurance company. If you need help, you can always call in the big guns later.

If everything is straightforward and there are only repairs to property to be dealt with, it’s often easiest if you work with the insurance adjuster yourself. On the other hand, if there are doctor bills or hospital visits to be considered, you would be wise to discuss the accident with a lawyer just to be sure.

At the Millar Law Firm we offer a first free visit for purposes of evaluating your claim. During this visit, you will be able to get a feel for what your next step should be and get your questions answered. You’ll be under no pressure and no obligation. Just good advice, free. Call us today: (770) 400-0000