Car Accidents

Proving Your Case

Essential Evidence Our Attorneys Collect for Georgia Car Accident Claims

Key Points: Under Georgia law, the burden of proof in a civil liability claim rests on the victim/plaintiff and their legal team, and the best way to meet this burden is with strong evidence.·          During the... Read More
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How to Preserve Car Accident Evidence

Key Points: When you file a claim to recover compensation for injuries you’ve suffered in a car accident, the burden of proving negligence and damages is on you and your attorney—if you don’t present enough evidence, it’s almost impossible to... Read More
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How Seat Belts Have No Impact on Georgia Car Accident Claims

Key Points: Under Georgia law, all drivers and front-seat passengers are required to wear a seat belt while riding in a passenger vehicle; this law is enforced through police citation. · In car accident claims, you cannot be found negligent... Read More
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Common Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

Key Points: What you do just after an accident can affect the value of your case. After an accident do not argue with the at-fault driver or the police. If you are hurt, do not say you are “fine,” just... Read More
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How to Prove the At-Fault Driver Was Speeding in Your Accident Injury Case

Key Points: Despite best efforts from Georgia lawmakers to reduce speeding, it remains a serious issue that leads to crashes and even fatalities every year. There are several ways to prove that an at-fault driver was speeding at the time... Read More
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Moes photograph

What to Photograph After a Car Accident

Key Points: Physical evidence at the scene of your accident deteriorates quickly. Taking pictures with your cell phone can preserve the proof you need. Graphic images of your injuries immediately after the crash and throughout your recovery can help paint... Read More
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Using Medical Records in Your Car Accident Case

Key Points: Your medical records can be used to prove that the injuries you suffered in an accident were the direct result of the defendant’s negligence. Insurance companies are in the business of making your accident settlement as small as... Read More
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How and Why to Collect the Testimonies of Witnesses After a Car Accident

Key Points: Memories fade over time, so witnesses should be contacted and formally interviewed as soon as possible after a Georgia car, truck or motorcycle accident. Witnesses may be asked to provide sworn oral statements (depositions) or sign written statements... Read More
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Moes police report

How Police Reports Are Used in Georgia Car Accident Legal Claims

Key Points: When a police report shows the other driver was at fault for causing your injuries, you can often use   the report or a statement from the investigating officer as evidence in your case. The police report can frequently... Read More
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What Photos to Take After a Car Accident

Key Points: Photos can be essential evidence to building your claim and recovering money for your losses due to a car accident. If you are not severely injured, and it is safe to do so, one of the most important... Read More
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Question marks.

How To Find and Get Your Georgia Car Accident Report

Key Points: A Georgia car accident crash report, also known as an incident report, is filled out by police officers or state troopers to document what happened at the scene of a crash. You can obtain a copy of your... Read More
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How 911 Calls Can Help Win Your Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident Case

Key Points: 911 calls can be an essential form of evidence because they provide truthful accounts of accidents right after they occur. 911 calls from the parties involved in the accident, as well as additional recordings from credible witnesses, can... Read More
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A police officer asks a man to describe what he witnessed at a crime scene

What Makes a Credible Witness in a Georgia Car Accident Legal Claim

Key Points: The credibility of a witness testifying in court is always at issue. It is critical to present witnesses that are not biased during a claim or trial. Friends and family members are often attacked as being biased witnesses.... Read More
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lawyers meeting with the accident victim

Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer even though I Was Clearly Not at Fault?

Hiring an attorney who knows the relevant Georgia laws and can apply those laws to the facts of your case are essential to recovering damages for a car accident.  Even if you have a “simple” case, the insurance company has... Read More
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