How Car Accident Lawsuits Can Be Against Car Manufacturing Companies

GM Lied to Grieving Families to Avoid a Recall

Airbag panel of car.

Airbag panel of car.

A disturbing story has surfaced about an engineering flaw in Chevrolet Cobalts manufactured between 2003 and 2007. A number of people driving these cars have been killed in accidents when airbags failed to deploy. It turns out that, all these years, GM has known that they have a fatal flaw in their engineering. With these model years, if the ignition switch is weighed down or bumped during an accident, it can turn the car off and switch off the airbags.

Airbags are a modern-day car technology that do an exceptional job at preventing fatalities in automobile accidents. When the seatbelt and airbag work together they have a higher chance of preventing a death. Injuries to the head are more likely if the airbags are not working. When people purchase a new vehicle they assume that the vehicles comes with working airbags. In this day-and-age it’s not even a question anymore with new vehicles.

GM Lied – Very Sad

Not only did GM know about the flaw, they also specifically lied to the grieving families who approached them about it. The company stated that there hadn’t been enough evidence to show that this would be a common problem. However, in one case, GM settled with the family with the contingency that they not speak of the flaw to anyone. In another case, they settled with the family, though the victim in the accident had been intoxicated. Although they weren’t fully aware of the evidence, it’s devastating to see an American Auto Maker lie to families who lost a loved one.

These pieces of information say that the decision-makers at GM knew that something was wrong with their cars, but that they thought settling with a few families would be more cost effective than a major recall on several model years of Cobalts. The only way those grieving families got any kind of compensation was by getting good representation from qualified car accident attorneys.

Businessman showing off money.

Businessman showing off money.

This kind of case illustrates how large corporations often put their bottom lines ahead of everything else, including their customers’ lives. That’s why it’s so important to talk with a good attorney after you’ve been in an accident. Not only will you be able to pursue compensation from the other driver’s insurance company, but you may be able to pursue compensation from your vehicle’s manufacturer.

If something goes wrong with your car through no fault of your own, you’ll be owed compensation for your medical bills, property damage, and any loss of wages from time spent recovering, as well as pain and suffering costs. In some instances, when something goes wrong with your vehicle, there will be no other vehicle involved in the accident.

In cases like this, if you don’t talk to a car accident attorney, you’ll be responsible for all of the costs incurred by the accident. Imagine if your malfunctioning vehicle causes an accident that hurts someone else. Suddenly you’re responsible for their costs, as well. If you suspect that you have a defect in your vehicle, give us a call today for a consultation.