New Vehicle Safety Rules Behind Schedule Says NHTSA

When it comes to your safety, running behind schedule isn’t an excuse. However, when it comes to governmental action, running behind schedule is nothing new. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says it is far behind timelines when it comes to several new safety regulations, but that they are interested in doing things right and not simply according to a scheduled goal.

According to the Detroit News, rear-visibility cameras are just one of the many things that have been delayed again and again. Approved by Congress in 2007, rear-visibility cameras are designed to prevent backovers, like those that occasionally occur when children are playing in driveways.

There are a total of 17 “significant” regulations under review, many of them concerning accident prevention technology to be implemented in new vehicles. But the NHTSA says they lack the time and the funding for implementation.

NHTSA Chief David Strickland says that the agency has a positive track record and that these delays are just another sign of them wanting to do things right, not just fast.

Another rule that is tied up in the NHTSA is one that would require seatbelts on all new buses. Such a regulation has been a hot issue for decades, debated since 1977. Once the final rule change is approved, making the move to seatbelt-equipped buses will take another three years. But first the rule has to be written.

The change will cost $25 million annually or $13,000 per each new bus. But it could save as many as eight lives each year depending on usage.

The NHTSA is also working to comply with orders from Congress to develop new safety rules for heavy trucks. They are looking at anti-rollover technology that was required in passenger cars in 2011. Such rollovers in heavy trucks account for 304 traffic deaths each year, indicating such measures could save hundreds.

They might be taking longer than planned, but the NHTSA’s rule changes are designed to keep us safe and reduce the incidence of serious auto accidents.

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