The Insurance Coverage You Really Need for Car Accidents in Atlanta

Insurance can be quite confusing for many Georgians who don’t sell insurance for a profession. For those who do it can be very profitable. Since it can be very lucrative many more companies and different types of policies have came along over the years – making the comprehension of insurance even more confusing for folks like us who don’t really even think about insurance until an accident happens. The purpose of this article is to help educate you on what policies really make the biggest difference, not to tell you what insurance company to go with. We’re not selling, we’ve just seen many people lose big financially after an accident because they didn’t have the right policy in place to protect them – even here in Atlanta.

Uninsured or Under-insured Motorist Coverage is Very Crucial for Atlanta Drivers

Insurance paperwork.

Insurance paperwork.

There are people in Atlanta who are not insured and it’s shocking to drivers who are insured when they end up getting in an accident with someone not insured. Although its the state law and there are punishments attached, many people will sadly still choose not to be insured. We do understand that this coverage is more money but it’s too common in the city of Atlanta to not have this type of insurance coverage. Talk about affordable options with your insurance company for this coverage. It is not required by law but will provide comfort the next time you get on the road.

Can Your Health Insurance Cover You After an Auto Accident?

Once the auto insurance has paid its share of what the policies promised to pay health insurance will kick in to pay what it promised to cover. If no auto policy covers you then you can use your health insurance, however this is the expensive route to take. If you or your company is paying for minimal coverage with your health insurance your car accident will be expensive if the injuries are costly. Even with low deductible health insurance plans it can be expensive to have your health insurance company cover your medical expenses after an accident.

Is it Worth it to Pay More for Better Health Insurance Coverage to Cover You for Car Accidents?

It’s never a bad idea to pay for better health insurance because no one knows what life will bring in the future. For auto accidents you don’t need to step outside of your auto insurance coverage to protect you – there are coverage possibilities that you can add onto your current policy that can be cheaper than increasing your health insurance. Consider medical payment coverage.

Medical Payments Coverage or Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Injured man with arm in sling.

Injured man with arm in sling.

Medical payments coverage will pay for medical bills for you, or any passengers traveling in the vehicle with you. Now you might be thinking you don’t need this because you have health insurance to protect you for any injuries, however you should look more into this type of coverage. Health insurance is tricky and is not cheap after any accident. If you have a high deductible with your health insurance it really is worth looking into getting medical payments coverage or else you might be paying a couple thousand dollars after an accident if you’re injured and at-fault.

Although this policy is not required by the state of Georgia, it can really help if you were hit by an individual that’s not insured. We receive calls often from injured folks who were hit by an uninsured motorist and there’s not much that can be done if they don’t have this policy embedded on their insurance coverage.

For example, lets say you accidentally ran a stop sign you didn’t see and you hit another car. You experienced some heavy whiplash and severe bruising and had to be taken away by a paramedic. Your bodily injury insurance coverage has just paid for the other car. However you didn’t have medical coverage insurance – your health insurance will then kick in. Your health insurance requires a $5,000 deductible, and then everything after that they will pay 70%. Your total bills came out to ten thousand dollars. Because of your health insurance premiums being so low now you have to pay $7,000 to cover your medical bills.

Bodily Injury Liability – Auto Insurance

At-fault for the car accident? Was another person injured? This policy will protect you when you’re the driver making the mistake. It’s a requirement by Georgia state law to have $25,000 in bodily injury insurance. It will help you financially but it will not help you physically, that’s why you should always have health insurance or medical payments coverage. You might be asking on why this coverage is being mentioned. The reason is most people will go with the bare minimum with this coverage. That’s dangerous to do. Auto accidents with multiple passengers can come with expensive medical bills well past 25k and if you just have the bare minimum it can ended up costing you. This is an item to consider if it’s not much more money to add more to this coverage it would be worth it.

Pet Injury Coverage

Dog riding in front seat of car.

Dog riding in front seat of car.

Yes this does exist and this is not for all people but it is for those who drive frequently with their pets and for those who pay for the high priced animals. Most insurance companies don’t cover pet medical expenses or deaths. What’s even more interesting is pets are the most vulnerable passengers because they don’t wear seat belts and can’t recognize that an accident is about to take place. If you drive with your pet you should really consider this coverage.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyers

If you’re dealing with insurance compensation problems after an accident we would still like to talk. Our lawyers may possibly be able to find an option that can help you get compensated for the auto accident you’re currently dealing with. The consultation is free and it doesn’t take much effort. Please call.