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How Self-Employed Car Accident Victims Can Be Compensated for Lost Income

Key Points: When you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’re entitled to full compensation—including lost income—from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Self-employed individuals may face more challenges than salaried employees when proving a claim for lost income because they... Read More
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Factors that Can Delay a Car Accident Settlement

Key Points: The majority of Georgia car accident claims are settled without the victim having to file a lawsuit, but the timeline for reaching an insurance settlement varies depending on the facts of each case. Settlement agreements can be delayed... Read More
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Women working on her car accident injury at a physical therapist

How Physical Therapy Expenses Are Handled in Car Accident Claims

Key Points: After a car accident injury or related surgeries, doctors often recommend physical therapy treatments to help speed recovery or improve mobility. Physical therapy can help to restore balance and stability to injured patients, thus preventing secondary injuries. Insurance... Read More
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Punitive Damage Compensation for Car Accidents in Georgia

Key Points: Punitive damages are awarded to an injured person or their family to punish the defendant and prevent them from engaging in the same malicious, reckless, or deceitful behavior in the future. When the public is made aware of... Read More
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How Much Should I Expect From a Georgia Car Accident Settlement

Key Points The most important factor in how much a Georgia car accident case is worth is the severity of your injury. The amount of your compensation may also be affected by the amount of insurance available and the amount... Read More
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How Long Does it Take to Get A Check After a GA Car Accident?

Key Points: The first step toward receiving compensation is that you must notify all insurance companies for all drivers involved in the collision. The damaged cars should be examined by a property damage insurance adjuster within days, and vehicle damage... Read More
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How Money is Collected When Your Georgia Car Accident Case Settles

Key Points: In Georgia, personal injury case compensation, meaning settlements or verdicts, are mainly paid by insurance companies or businesses defending the negligent driver. In most cases, payment is sent in the form of a check, received in a lump... Read More
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How to Receive a Fair Injury Settlement After a Georgia Car Accident

Key Points: Negotiation of a fair injury settlement typically takes place after completion of your medical treatment.  At that time, all records and reports will be gathered from your doctors.  Your injury attorney will then evaluate your case and make... Read More
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How Long it Takes to get a Settlement After a Car Accident

Key Points: Car accident settlement timelines all vary due to the variety of factors that influence the time it takes to settle a car accident case. One timeline doesn’t fit all car accident cases. The Georgia statute of limitations for... Read More
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How Do You Get Your Medical Bills Paid After a GA Car Accident?

Key Points: After a Georgia car accident each driver is required to pay for their own medical expenses – at least until the case settles. If you have both medical health and automobile insurance, both policies may pay for some... Read More
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An agent inspecting a car crash 

How Vehicle Damage Is Paid After a Georgia Car Accident with Injuries

Key Points: The cost to repair vehicle damage can be recovered from an at-fault driver or their insurance company or from your own insurance company if you have collision coverage. Auto insurance companies often determine a car’s worth based on... Read More
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Man is pictured from the elbows down, standing in the center of the frame between 2 cars after a head on collision. Both cars are totalled.

How Georgia Contributory Negligence Law Works in Car Accidents

KEY POINTS: Under Georgia State law negligence is the failure to exercise ordinary care under the circumstances to minimize the risk of hurting others. Georgia uses Contributory Negligence to potentially reduce the amount of a car accident case verdict by... Read More
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How to Recover Lost Work Income After a Car Accident in The State of Georgia

Key Points: Under Georgia law, if you’ve been injured due to another’s negligence,  you may be entitled to damages for lost income and lost future earnings capacity. Payroll statements, paycheck stubs, bank records, a verification from your employer stating your... Read More
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