How Witness Statements Can Help You Win Your Case

Most people believe in doing what’s right and seeing that people are treated fairly. This includes people who witness car accidents. A witness to a car wreck will, in most cases, provide a statement that can help your car accident case if someone else was at fault.

But memory fades over time. For this reason, it is always best to obtain witness statements as soon as possible after a car accident. It is also important to know what to ask witnesses to ensure that they provide information that can help your case.

Our lawyers and investigators at The Millar Law Firm work to obtain witness statements as soon as possible after taking on car accident cases. Witness statements obtained early on can help us to understand what occurred in your case.

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The Importance of Car Accident Witnesses

A witness to a car accident may be able to explain what they:

  • Saw (a weaving car or a car that flew past a stop sign)
  • Heard (screeching brakes or no braking)
  • Smelled (alcohol or marijuana).

They might also be able to say how many people were in the car and where they were sitting, which may help to understand a car occupant’s injuries.

A witness who lives next to a dangerous intersection may explain how often accidents and near-accidents occur at the site of the wreck, which may merit a claim against the local government that designed the intersection.

A witness to a car accident may be able to describe someone they saw run away from a car involved in an accident, which may turn out to be an uninsured driver, or a passenger who, once located, becomes a key witness.

As part of a thorough car accident investigation, it is important for an experienced investigator to talk to anyone who has witnessed the crash. Memories fade over time, so witnesses should be contacted as soon as possible after an accident and formally interviewed.

The witness may be asked to provide a sworn oral statement (a deposition) or sign a written statement (an affidavit).

A witness statement typically does not stand alone in a car accident case, but it usually provides valuable information. Your attorney from The Millar Law Firm will follow up on any witness statements obtained.

The witness’s recollection of the accident may help guide our accident investigation. A witness may corroborate or contradict what’s in the police report or your recollection about the accident.

Contradictions must be resolved through further investigation. In some cases, a witness’s statement, or multiple statements, may cause a client and his or her attorney to reassess the legal options available for a claim.

Many cases can be settled through negotiation if witness statements are included in the evidence presented to an insurance company. In cases that go to trial, a witness who has provided a deposition or an affidavit may also testify.