How to Find the Best Injury Lawyer for Your Injury Accident

The concept of “one size fits all” doesn’t really work when it comes to lawyers these days. Like doctors, lawyers specialize. This can be an annoying fact if you’re looking for somebody to represent you after an automobile accident or a dog bite and the only lawyer you know is a real estate law practitioner.

Since we’re talking about accidents and injuries here, let us assure you that a divorce lawyer or a firm that works in criminal law won’t be able to help you as much as a personal injury lawyer will.

Understand that each ‘branch’ of the law has its own details and can be extremely intricate when it comes to application. What’s more, with every decision that’s made by a judge or jury in our state, the established law can be subtly changed. In other words, you’re better off seeking a lawyer who is well-experienced and up-to-speed in the kind of legal action you’re pursuing.

The question you face then becomes, “How am I to find a Personal Injury lawyer that knows what he/she is doing?’

Here are a few suggestions on finding a good injury lawyer.

  • Ask the people you trust; your friends, family, and co-workers. How did their lawyer work out for them.
  • Look on the internet or in the phone book under Personal Injury Law; there you will find a long list of people who say they practice personal injury law.

Before you hire them ask if they handle cases other than personal injury. If they do, keep looking. Find somebody who handles ONLY personal injury matters. This will tell you two things about the firm:

    • The firm is successful because they must consistently win their cases in order to remain exclusively focused on this branch of the law
    • They are on top of the changes in personal injury law from month to month – otherwise they could not stay afloat or remain in business.
  • How important is the firm’s experience and/or years in practice?

The more experience the firm has, the better they’ve had to be in order to remain in this very competitive arena. Lawyers who don’t win cases, don’t remain focused on a single branch of the law.

Internet listings can be tricky to navigate. Here are a few insider tips when searching for a lawyer online:

  • Avoid websites that list lots of lawyers or rate them for you. These are often simply paid advertising, which means that nearly anybody can be listed there regardless of their experience or status.
  • Go to the official website of the Personal Injury lawyer you’re considering. Find out:
    • How long has the lawyer been practicing in his location?
    • Look at reviews, but don’t fall for them entirely. Very often client reviews are created by paid writers who have never even met the lawyers for whom they create content.  If a review looks like it is too polished or professionally written, it probably is!
    • Look at certifications and memberships in professional organizations; You may want need to Google these organizations to understand the importance of the lawyer’s affiliation with them.

Once you’ve narrowed the field of lawyers down to a few, call or make appointments to actually speak with them. Usually the initial consultation is free, and it will give you the opportunity to learn what your accident claim might be worth and, more importantly, whether or not you are comfortable enough to entrust your future to this particular firm. Trust is essential.

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