How Money is Collected When Your Georgia Car Accident Case Settles

How Are Car Accident Settlements Calculated, Paid and Collected?

If you are reading this, you or a friend or family member may have just been involved in a car accident that was not your fault.  You may be wondering how the insurance adjuster and company for the at-fault driver will view your claims for financial losses such as lost wages, medical bills, and your physical losses such as mental and physical pain and suffering.

How Are Georgia Car Accident Claims Usually Resolved or Settled?

In Georgia, a car accident claim or case can be resolved in a number of ways. The majority of car accident cases settle with the at-fault driver — usually his or her insurance company before a filing a lawsuit becomes necessary.  The settlement value of cases varies greatly, but generally depends on the severity and permanency of your injury, and whether you are partly at fault or have pre-existing medical conditions.  In the event that you cannot reach a satisfactory agreement on an amount, you can file a lawsuit.  The case may still settle before it proceeds to trial. Or your lawsuit may be litigated in court before a judge or jury who will determine who is responsible for the accident and, if the other driver’s negligence is proven, the jury will award monetary damages to you.

How Do I Collect Compensation Through Negotiation and Settlement?

Should you choose to settle your Georgia injury claim, you are entitled to receive prompt payment.  Most likely, before the insurance company will issue a check, you may be presented with a written settlement and release agreement.  A settlement agreement is an enforceable contract, allowing you to bring legal action should the company refuse to pay or unreasonably delay payment.  It is advisable to have the settlement agreement reviewed by an attorney, because you will most likely be signing-away your rights to file or continue with a lawsuit, to seek additional compensation in the future should the settlement prove to not be enough to fairly compensate you.

How Our Georgia Attorney Can Help in Collecting Money from Car Accidents

Graphic of a tow truck with the words Contact an Attorney and the image of an attorney standing by to help, overlayedHaving an attorney handle your case will ensure that your rights are protected.  Once you settle with the at-fault driver or the insurance company, you generally cannot go back and get “more” should you suffer buyers remorse or realize that you settled too cheaply.  An attorney who specializes in Georgia Personal Injury Law can explain how injury cases are valued and help ensure that your settlement is fair.  In addition, you may have medical bills or insurance reimbursements to deal with following settlement.  Many of these issues are complex and/or can be the subject of further negotiation even after your case is settled.  An attorney can help protect your settlement against unreasonable claims for reimbursement from your health insurance company or over-inflated medical bills from unscrupulous medical providers who may now be seeking payment.

For more information, the team at The Millar Law Firm are here to help. We have many years of experience helping victims of car accidents get the compensation they deserve.  Even if you are not sure whether you have a case, feel free to call us today for a free telephone consultation with an attorney.