How 911 Calls Can Help Win Your Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident Case

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Key Points:

  • 911 calls can be an essential form of evidence because they provide truthful accounts of accidents right after they occur.
  • 911 calls from the parties involved in the accident, as well as additional recordings from credible witnesses, can be used as evidence for a car accident case.
  • An experienced personal injury lawyer will make a Georgia Open Records Act request to obtain the 911 calls and dispatch records for your case. It usually takes 10 business days to receive 911 records.

Questions Answered:

After being involved in a car accident, most people will contact 911 to report the incident and request first-responder assistance.

On a busy road or highway, other drivers, passersby, and eyewitnesses may also contact 911 to report what they saw and ensure help is on the way.

In fact, 911 operators in Atlanta often get as many as 20 calls after a serious accident on the interstate highway. These calls not only provide the information police and EMTs need to respond, but they can also serve as critical evidence for a car, truck, or motorcycle accident case.

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Evidence Is Critical to the Success of an Injury Case

If an accident was serious enough to cause injuries, it’s likely that a personal injury claim or case may result. There are hospital bills to cover, physical pain and suffering to endure, mental anguish to get through, and cars to repair. With so much on the line, evidence is crucial to a car accident case.

One of the first things an experienced personal injury lawyer will do to build a car accident case is obtain any 911 audio recordings and dispatch records.

Fresh from the scene, these calls are often the best and most truthful accounts of what actually happened. Plus, they often contain the raw and unvarnished emotion of witnesses or victims, which can be used as evidence down the line.

Why 911 Calls Can Be Effective Evidence for a Personal Injury Case

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To win or recover in almost any Georgia personal injury case, evidence is key. If you’re involved in a serious accident, the call you make to 911 can not only save your life—but also save your case down the road.

Emotions can get heated after a car accident. Blame gets thrown, tears get shed. When it comes to reliable accounts, 911 recordings provide some of the most crucial evidence available.

Many recordings contain illuminating statements made by the drivers involved, including admission to fault. These statements, especially if later denied, can be used to challenge a defendant.

If someone else was there to see that it clearly was one driver’s fault, their eyewitness account also carries a lot of weight in a court case.

What Makes a Credible Witness for a Car Accident Claim?

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Generally, a credible car accident witness can be characterized as someone who does not know and does not stand to gain any benefit from the injured party’s claim. Further, a witness who saw the car accident in its entirety is usually considered a credible witness.

A witness will usually call 911 when they see an accident and may also stay around to speak with the police and the injured party after a car accident.

How to Connect With Witnesses from 911 Calls

Testimony from witnesses that saw the accident can be incredibly useful when building a car accident case. But if a witness who called 911 did not remain at the accident scene to give their name or contact information, how will your attorney ever find them to help your claim? 911 dispatchers will often ask for callers’ names and contact information, which

911 call records, audio recordings, and dispatch records of local law enforcement departments can be .

Common Questions About 911 Data for Injury Claims

Does the police department provide the 911 call data to anyone who asks? If so, is there a cost?

911 data is usually provided pursuant to a written request that meets the statutory requirements of the Open Records Act.  Thus, 911 call data is only provided by police departments once the statutory requirements have been met. There is no charge for accessing this information.

How long after an accident does it take to get the 911 call data?

It can take at least 10 business days to get 911 call data after the written Open Records request has been submitted and received.

Do 911 operators focus on getting the caller’s information?

The caller’s information and dispatch information are usually included in the 911 data.

Can a high volume of calls prove the accident was serious?

High volumes of 911 calls pertaining to a certain accident can certainly be used to insinuate the severity of the accident.

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