How 911 Calls Can Help Win Your Car, Truck or Motorcycle Accident Case

When you’re in a car accident in or near Atlanta or anywhere else in Georgia, there’s a good chance you’re going to call 911. There’s also a good chance another driver, passerby or eyewitness is going to call 911 as well. In fact, 911 operators in Atlanta get as many as 20 calls after a serious accident on the interstate highway. Obviously, these calls provide the information police and EMTs need to respond, but can these calls serve another purpose? Can they help win your car, truck or motorcycle accident case? Absolutely!

Subtitle: Evidence is Critical to the Success of an Injury Case

If the accident was serious enough to cause injuries, it’s likely that a personal injury claim or case may result. There are hospital bills to cover, physical pain and suffering and mental anguish to get past, and cars to repair. With so much on the line, evidence is crucial to a car accident case. One of the first things an experienced personal injury lawyer will do is obtain any 911 audio recordings and dispatch records.

Fresh from the scene, these calls are often the best and most truthful accounts of what actually happened. Plus, they often contain the raw and unvarnished emotion of witnesses or victims, which can be used as evidence down the line.

Subtitle: Why 911 Calls Work Great for Personal Injury Cases

Emotions can get hot after a car accident. Blame gets thrown, tears get shed. When it comes to reliable eyewitness accounts, 911 recordings provide some of the most reliable evidence available. If someone else was there to see that it clearly was one driver’s fault, and not caused by a stray animal or weather event, their eyewitness account carries a lot of weight in a court case. Many recordings also contain illuminating statements made by the victims, including admission to fault. These statements, especially if later denied, can be used to challenge a defendant.

Subtitle: Connecting with Witnesses from 911 Calls

Let’s say the 911 caller is an eyewitness who didn’t stick around long enough to give their name or contact information to the police. He or she was the only person to see what happened. Now, you would like to make a claim against the at-fault driver for your injuries and medical expenses. How will your attorney ever find that one person who could help your case? Enter the 911 recording. Expert law firms regularly identify eyewitness by using 911 calls as an essential tool in their personal injury toolbox.

911 call records, audio recordings and dispatch records of local law enforcement departments can be obtained using the GA Open Records Act.

To win or recover in almost any Georgia personal injury case, evidence is key. If you’re involved in a serious accident, the call you make to 911 can not only save your life—but save your case down the road.

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