Winning Your Georgia Car Accident Case: All Witnesses Are NOT The Same

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When a motor vehicle accident happens anywhere in the Atlanta region, there are usually drivers or pedestrians or passengers in one of the involved cars or trucks who are witnesses to the collision who may be able to help win your case.  The question is whether an eyewitness to the accident will make a good witness for you?

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The Importance of Unbiased Witnesses

Judges, lawyers, and even insurance companies want to have a clear understanding of the story behind the car accident. Drivers ,and even the passengers in the vehicles of the accident, often come with stories that have biased angles, hidden truths, or conflicting facts with the other cars and participants in the accident.  Even if the story of the driver involved is not biased, sometimes they didn’t see the whole accident and a witness did. If you’re a driver in a motor vehicle accident and you’re convinced the other insurance company should pay for your injuries you’ll want a witness with an unbiased account.

A witness of a motor vehicle accident should offer an unbiased story of the accident. An unbiased story of a motor vehicle accident can fill in the holes in both drivers’ stories and can prove if one of the drivers is not telling the whole truth or even lying. Thus, a witness can help establish the truth of what took place at a car accident scene.

The best car accident witnesses are usually not your mom, best friend or brother riding in the car with you.  Your best witness is usually someone who stopped to assist at the accident scene, someone nearby who saw the accident happen, or a motorist who called 911 to report the crash.

What Makes a Witness a Credible Witness?

At the scene of the accident you’ll always want to get the information of each witness, regardless if later on they’re a good witness or not.

If you’re wondering for yourself if the witness was credible, you’ll want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Did the person see the entire accident from start to finish? If they viewed the accident right after they heard the clashing they can lose some credibility.
  • What was the witness doing at the time? If they were distracted doing something, it can take away some credibility.
  • Can the witness remember important details of the accident? Could they recall which car was speeding, or if the light went red, or if someone was cut off, etc. A memory of the accident can fade and not knowing those details can damage their credibility.
  • Does the witness have any connection with one of the drivers? If they’re friends or related it can lower the credibility.
  • Was the witness involved in the accident? They then become an accident victim, and not a witness.
  • Does the witness have any bad history about them?  If they have a history of lying or memory loss or if they’ve been convicted of crimes, it can make a Court question their credibility.

Tips on Getting Credible Witnesses

Here are some things to consider when looking for a witness for your car accident case.

Ask yourself the following questions when seeking for witnesses:

  • Did anyone stop to see if everyone was okay? These individuals are often the most willing to give their information if they saw the accident.
  • Get and Check the Police Report.  If the police officer spoke to any witnesses at the scene, most likely the officer recorded the witnesses’ name, address and telephone number.
  • Were there any businesses nearby who might have had employees or customers see the accident? Sometimes an employee of a business was in the right place at the right time and witnessed the accident or knows a customer who did.
  • Did the police interview witnesses after you left the area?  If you were injured and taken away, then the police will usually interview and question witnesses. In that case, you’ll be able to find names of accident witnesses on the police report.
  • Contact the local 911 communications office.  Many people call the police to report an accident.  You may be able to obtain their name and telephone number from 911 under the Georgia Open Records Act.
  • Is there anyone on social media talking about the accident? These witnesses can be a little more difficult to find but, on occasion, people will post about it online where some of your friends might see it or you might find the posts while searching the social media website.

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