Car Accidents

Common Questions Answered

What Is an Accident Report and Why Is It Important for Legal Claims?

Key Points: When the police respond to the scene of a crash, an accident report must be completed by a responding officer. Police accident reports contain essential details and accounts that can help draw a picture of how and why... Read More
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Who Pays for My Rental Car Expenses After a Car Accident?

Key Points: In Georgia, the at-fault driver’s insurance company is responsible for paying the costs of the accident, and that includes the victim’s rental car expenses. When liability is not disputed, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier may agree to pay... Read More
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passengers injured in a car accident 

Can I Sue if I Was a Passenger in a Car Accident?

Key Points: When a passenger is injured in a car accident, they are typically covered under the at-fault driver’s insurance policy for any injury claims. Because it’s uncommon for passengers to be blamed for car accidents, they don’t typically have... Read More
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How to File Suit In Georgia Against a Deceased Driver

Key Points: If you are injured in a serious car accident and the negligent driver dies, you have multiple injury claim options to recover compensation One option is you can file a claim against the deceased persons estate Another option... Read More
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Filing a Car Accident Claim on Behalf of Your Child in Georgia

Key Points: If a child is injured in a car accident, there are two options to recover compensation: the victim can file a claim themselves once they turn 18, or their parent or legal guardian can file a claim on... Read More
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How Car Accidents Can Affect Employment

Key Points After a car accident, injured victims may be unable to perform the duties required of their job. If an accident victim is unable to work for any time, then employers may be faced with tough decisions about that... Read More
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How Comparative Fault Laws Work in Georgia Car Accident Cases

Key Points: Comparative negligence is a legal standard applied to accident cases to determine how much responsibility each individual bears for the accident and injuries. In Georgia, you can still seek monetary compensation after an auto accident even if you... Read More
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Women with neck injury from car accident 

How Car Accident Insurance Settlements Are Divided Among Multiple Victims

In Georgia car accidents with multiple victims, the insurance money available under the at-fault driver(s) policy limits may sometimes not be enough to fully compensate each claimant. Accident victims may sometimes end up competing for limited insurance policy limits. Limited... Read More
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What If An At-Fault Driver Does Not Want to Report My Car Accident?

Key Points: Georgia law requires drivers involved in a car accident that results in an injury, death or damage of $500 or more to report the crash to local law enforcement. Calling the police after an accident is often the... Read More
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How Georgia Car Accident Legal Claims Work When The Driver is From Another State

Key Points: A Georgia resident or a visitor from another state who is in a car accident in Georgia can bring a claim against one or more drivers from other states. Out-of-state drivers are required to follow Georgia laws and... Read More
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view into a vehicle after an accident, with the back window and front windshield shattered

The At-Fault Driver is Killed in a GA Car Accident – Who Pays?

Key Points: When the at-fault driver has been killed in a car accident, his or her automobile insurance is likely still responsible to defend the claim and pay any settlement or verdict. If the claim cannot be settled without filing... Read More
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Is it OK to See a Chiropractor After an Atlanta Car Accident?

Insurance adjusters may claim that chiropractic treatment is an attempt by the chiropractor to squeeze more money out of the insurance company. However, if chiropractic treatments help an injured person or client obtain relief, you should not be concerned with an... Read More
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How to Prove Lies of Other Drivers in Car Accident Legal Claims

Key Points: Some drivers may be apologetic and admit fault at the scene of an accident, but later lie about the accident to avoid liability. Accident scene cell phone pictures and video, police reports, 911 audio recordings, police body and... Read More
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How Important Are Traffic Tickets in Your Atlanta or Georgia Car Accident?

Key Points: In Georgia a traffic ticket or citation is an accusation but not a finding that one driver or another is at fault. Whether a traffic ticket is admissible in a Georgia civil personal injury case usually depends on... Read More
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