Choosing an Injury Lawyer to Represent You – What You’re Up Against

When you have an accident claim, you may see the process of recovering what you’ve lost as a simple exercise. Nevertheless, before you get too far into the business of tapping an insurance company for the damages their insured has done to you, you need to be very clear about how insurance companies work.
You may believe – as many who watch television commercials do – that the insurance company is made up of a benevolent bunch of guys and gals whose only goal is to make everything right for you when their ensured disrupts your life through negligence.


That group of guys and gals is made up of professional gamblers who really hate to lose. Their game works like this; they bet that they can keep more of the insurance premiums they collect each month than they’ll have to pay out in settlements. That’s how they make their money – by keeping their money locked up and away from victims.

Insurance Companies Seek to Keep Settlements Cheap

Now, they know that there will be claims against their vault full of money from time to time, but they find ways to keep the unavoidable settlements very, very small. It is in this way that they can continue to build skyscrapers and pay their big team of expensive attorneys.
That team of expensive attorneys holds the company’s hope for keeping their money. Insurance companies stay wealthy not by helping you recover from their insured’s negligence, but by not paying you what your claim is worth.

Understanding the game is critical to your ability to come out ahead.

Imagine that you have been thrust into a competition upon which your family’s future depends. If you don’t know how to play 5-dimensional chess, you’re at a disadvantage. Imagine further that you, the primary breadwinner have lost a leg in an accident. You are expected to play this game against professional 5-dimensional chess champions. You will either win, and be awarded enough money to make up for the limitations caused by your lost leg or, you will lose and your family will need to adjust to living with a new and much smaller family budget.

That’s the way the accident claim game is played. It doesn’t have to be you against them. Fortunately, you do have the option of retaining your own professional 5-D expert to play for you.

Defendants Hire a Team of Professional Lawyers

Your choices are pretty obvious. We think when you understand that the defendant has a team of professionals bent on winning at all costs you are less likely to wander into the fray alone. Now there are certainly circumstances where hiring an attorney seems to be over the top. But, if you’ve had a serious accident with injuries and/or fatalities, you really should discuss it with a lawyer before you decide to handle the claim alone.

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