Car Accident Checklist For Accident Victims

You may never get into a car accident. But every year, Fulton County tops the list of Georgia counties with the highest number of serious and fatal accidents.

It’s best to know what to do if you are involved in an accident.

What to do after a Car Accident:

Stay calm. Try to proceed in a business-like manner.


Check yourself and your passengers for injuries. Dial 911 for emergency medical assistance if needed.

If you do not need emergency care and can proceed (or with someone’s assistance).


See a doctor within 24 hours of the crash. You may feel a rush of adrenaline after an accident rather than pain. Some serious injures don’t have symptoms that are apparent right away, but you may be sore in a day or two.

Be ready to provide to police and/or exchange with the other driver your driver’s license, car registration card, vehicle ID number (on the registration card), insurance information, and contact information (home address, telephone number, and email address).

Get contact information for witnesses to the crash, including your passengers.


Do not admit or accept fault for the accident. Do not blame others.


Working With Authorities: Car Accident

Call police right away to report the accident.


Cooperate with police and any other emergency responders. Answer questions honestly and factually.


Ask police how to get a copy of their report. In Atlanta, contact APD Central Records Unit at 404-546-7461 or visit, which requires a fee.


Contact your auto insurance company and report the accident. Follow their instructions for filing a property damage claim.


For Your Car After a Car Wreck

Photograph the accident scene, including the position of vehicles and their damage. Photograph the location and anything there that may have contributed to the accident (i.e., work zone, large pothole, large rain puddle, etc.).

When it is safe to do so, Georgia law requires you to move your vehicle out of the roadway (unless it is disabled).


If your car is towed from the scene, be sure to ask where it will be and how to get it. If your car is towed to an impound by the Atlanta Police Department, call the APD Property Control Unit at 404-546-4330.

If You Have a Claim: Working With Our Team of Injury Lawyers

Save copies of all documents, reports, and receipts for bills connected to the accident, including records of work and/or school absences caused by injuries.


Write down your account of the accident soon afterward, while it remains fresh in your memory.


Obtain a copy of the police’s accident report.  Don’t worry if you cannot get a copy.  An experienced attorney should be able to get the police report quickly.



Keep a daily journal of your injuries, pain you are experiencing and your recovery, or any significant harm, costs, or inconvenience caused by the accident.


Write down names and contact information for anyone you speak to from any insurance company.


Follow your insurer’s instructions, such as obtaining auto damage estimates.


Do not sign any statement offered by another driver’s insurance company such as a medical authorization form to review your medical record. Decline to provide a recorded interview or statement about the crash, unless it is being given to your own insurance company.

Do not accept a settlement offer from an insurance company without seeking the advice of a car accident attorney.


Contact an experienced attorney for a free, no obligation review of your accident case, including a settlement offer if you have one.

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