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How Auto Insurance Companies Compensate Fatal Car Accident Claims

Key Points: When someone’s negligence causes a fatal accident, family members of the deceased driver, passenger, or pedestrian may file what is known as a “wrongful death” claim against the at-fault driver or company. An insurance company may try to... Read More
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How Legal Claims Work When Both Drivers in an Accident Have The Same Insurance Carrier

Key Points: When both drivers in an accident share the same insurance carrier, the process of filing an insurance claim works similarly to when drivers are insured by different companies. There should be no conflict of interest when the same... Read More
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How to Talk with an Auto Insurance Company After a Car Accident

Key Points Whether speaking to your insurance company or the other driver’s, keep your answers short and simple, and don’t get into too much detail about your accident or injuries. The more information you offer up to an insurance representative,... Read More
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What to Do with an Immediate Check from an Auto Insurance Company Following an Accident

Key Points: If you receive a check from the at-fault driver’s insurance company shortly after an accident, there is a good chance it will be for less than your claim is worth. Car insurance companies may send a check as... Read More
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How Long Should it Take To Receive a Check from an Insurance Company After a Car Accident in Georgia?

Key Points: If you paid a deductible and the other driver was later found to be at fault, it may take several months for the insurance companies to reimburse you. Once an injury settlement is reached, you may expect to... Read More
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Georgia Auto Insurance Accident Claims Guide

Key Points Georgia drivers are required to carry minimum liability insurance coverage for bodily injury ($25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident) and property damage ($25,000 per accident). Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage provides protection for victims of car accidents caused by... Read More
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Insurance Company Bad Faith

Key Points: An insurance company may be found to have breached its duty to you if, after investigation, “liability has become reasonably clear and the insurer in bad faith offers less than the amount reasonably owed under all the circumstances... Read More
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Insurance subrogation negotiation

Understanding Insurance Subrogation after a Car Accident

Key Points: If your insurance company pays for accident-related expenses and later finds out another party was responsible for the crash, they may seek reimbursement, or what’s known as insurance subrogation. Not every company that seeks subrogation from your settlement... Read More
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How Medical Insurance Pays Your Bills After a Georgia Car Accident

Key Points: This Georgia legal guide explains how health insurance may pay your medical bills after a car accident and until your injury case settles. Knowing how medical insurance plans handle expenses after a car or truck accident is a... Read More
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How Auto Insurance Rates Change After a Georgia Car Accident

Key Points: You are required to report any vehicle accident involving injury, death, or property damages totaling more than $500 to the police. If you are found to be at-fault, then your insurance premiums may change. However, if you are... Read More
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How Car Accident Legal Claims Work with Out-of-State Drivers

Key Points: Auto insurance policies vary from state to state, but the protection you buy covers you no matter where you drive in the country—even if you’re driving in a state with different insurance requirements. If you have a negligence... Read More
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