10 Buildings in Atlanta That Are Known to Distract Drivers

From the historic to the modern, those who love architecture are likely to be fascinated by the many magnificent buildings that dot Atlanta’s skyline. These building, gorgeous and awesome in their size and design, can certainly be distracting to drivers. While big buildings can and do distract drivers—and big cities, like Atlanta, have big buildings—maintaining focus on the road is important to safety while being the wheel. Here is a look at 10 buildings in Atlanta may try to distract you while you are driving (and a friendly reminder to keep your eyes on the road to prevent a car accident from occurring!):

1. Bank of America Plaza

The Bank of America Plaza is stunning for a few reasons, one of which being the fact that it is the tallest building in Atlanta. Reaching 1,023 ft. (311.8 meters) and totaling 55 floors, the building was constructed in 1992 and also holds the title as the 68th-tallest building in the world. In addition to its height, it is also recognizable for its shimmering surface, which reflects sunlight and easily catches a wandering eye. The top of the building, which forms a sharp steeple, is lit up at night, making it easy to spot in the city.

2. Symphony Tower

Next on the list of amazing buildings that are certain to distract you while driving through Atlanta is the Symphony Tower, formally known as 1180 Peachtree (based on its address). Not quite as tall as the Bank of America Plaza, the Symphony Tower has 41 floors, and is 657 ft. tall. The construction of the building was completed in 2006.

3. SunTrust Plaza

The SunTrust Plaza is the second tallest building in Atlanta and the 27th-tallest in the United States. The 60-story building serves as the headquarters for Atlanta’s world trade center, and is loved—and often ogled over—for its rotating light.

4. The Hyatt Regency Atlanta

The Hyatt Regency Atlanta was first opened in 1967 as the Regency Hyatt House. Designed by John C. Portman, the hotel is famous for its revolutionary 22-story atrium design, and continues to draw looks today for the inspiration concept. Since its original building, the “Ivy Tower” portion was added in 1971. The Ivy Tower, referred to as the Radius Tower today, mimics the Westin Peachtree Plaza in design.

5. Centennial Tower

Certainly not the tallest building in Atlanta, the Centennial Tower is one of the city’s most famous. Previously known as the 101 Marietta, the 460 ft. high skyscraper is recognizable by its rectangular design and shiny surface. Completed in 1975, the building serves as one of Atlanta’s most prominent landmarks.

6. CNN Center

For those who are captivated by what is current, the CNN Center—which serves as the headquarters for the famous news network—located in Atlanta cannot be missed. Not only is the center magnificent in size, but it is also historical to the city; the CNN Center first opened in 1976, and was previously known as the Omni Complex. The original design of the building provided much entertainment, as it featured restaurants, and even an indoor ice rink. Today, the ice rink has been replaced, but the building still remains as one of the most prominent in Atlanta.

7. Museum of Design Atlanta

The name of the building is no misnomer; the Museum of Design Atlanta offers a beautiful design in its façade. This newly opened building has already received a LEED Platinum rating. This means that it has received the highest rating for environmental design that is awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition for its green design, the building is also recognizable by its unique shape and the fact that is appears to be almost entirely constructed of glass.

8. 3344 Peachtree

The tallest building to be constructed in Atlanta in the 2000s, the 3344 Peachtree building, more commonly known as the Sovereign, is a must-see. Providing condo space, restaurants, and office space, the 635 ft. tall building is unique in its vertical design: a large flat face building accompanied and shadowed by a sprawling and curved architectural fin.

9. Atlanta Central Library

Completed in 1980, the Atlanta Central Library is considered to be an architectural masterpiece. The façade of the previous building, the Carnegie Education Pavilion, was rebuilt and retained to showcase the historical significance. While the current structure has deteriorated over the years, it still retains its brutalist style, and the library has also been added to the 2010 World Monuments Watch List of Most Endangered Sites.

10. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

If you want to feast your eyes on a significant architectural feat, the 2006-completed building for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is the building for you. The state-of-the-art facility is one of the only ones in the world to feature a level-four laboratory. Of course, the CDC’s role in disease treatment also makes this building a fascinating see!

Beautiful Buildings, Big Distractions

The 10 buildings above should certainly not be overlooked; checking them out and aweing over their construction is a must for many, especially those who love architecture and history. However, make sure that if you are tempted to see these big buildings, you do so when you are not driving; large buildings are often distracting to drivers, which can divert attention from the road and lead to an accident. If you are an adult who is fascinated by Atlanta’s large buildings, hire a driver to take you on a tour, or consider going on a walking tour instead.

When Distracted Driving Causes a Car Accident

The dangers of driving while distracted are well known; Distraction.gov highlights that distracted driving causes more than 3,000 fatal car crashes in a single year. If you are in a car accident that is caused by a distracted driver in Atlanta, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Georgia car accident attorney, such as the lawyers at The Millar Law Firm. You can call us today, or schedule your first consultation online.