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Some advertising truck-accident law firms are so-called “national” firms located many miles or states away from where your crash happened. However, when a case involves a commercial truck, bus or van, fast investigation and local knowledge is often necessary, which may not be possible with a distant or high-volume law firm.

Because we have been in the area for over a quarter-century, and we regularly (and successfully) handle trucking and bus accident cases, and our offices are located near some of the busiest interstates, roads and highways in Georgia, we are able to respond quickly and effectively when large truck (big-rig accidents) and other large and serious crashes happen. Put local knowledge and actual resources, not advertising hype, to work for you.

We handle local and Georgia truck accident cases near you on a daily basis.

Accident Facts About Clayton County

Special Factors Involved in Truck Accident Cases

Jonesboro, GA picture of trafficBecause trucks, buses and transport vans (such as Medicaid, Medicare, transit and Marta vehicles) are governed by both state and federal regulations. These cases are not like simple car accidents. You are best served by local lawyers who routinely handle truck accident cases.

You should assume that every law firm that specializes in truck-accident cases is familiar with national Safety Rules and Regulations regarding trucks and truck accidents. For example, numerous federal regulations govern the number of hours a trucker may drive and the loading and maintenance of trucks. Truck driver fatigue and improper maintenance are among the most common causes of negligent truck and bus accidents.

Jonesboro’s Roads and Highways Have A Trucking Problem

Because we are located near the worlds largest airport and four major interstate highways, many large trucking and transport companies are located in or near our area. This means that Jonesboro, its interstate highways, and state highways such as 19/41, Highway 401 and Hwy 23 carry a much larger than typical amount of big-rig and semi-truck traffic.

Many serious crashes happen because drivers and companies are unfamiliar with many of the highways and exit-ramps. A typical trucking accident we see, occurs at the cloverleaf exits on interstate 75 and I-285 in Jonesboro, where large trucks run-over or rear-end cars and pick-up trucks, or flip-over from taking a ramp too fast. Such accidents involving serious and catastrophic injuries take place on a weekly basis near Jonesboro and are the result of truck-driver error, negligent training, or poorly maintained brakes.

Jonesboro Trucking Laws

In addition to State regulations and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act, the City of Jonesboro also has some of its own laws and ordinances that apply to commercial vehicles and trucks.

Uniform Rules of the Road. Jonesboro has adopted all of Georgia’s uniform rules of the road for the operation of trucks and other commercial vehicles. City Code, Sec. 74-41.

Truck, Defined. The City of Jonesboro defines every motor vehicle that has six or more wheels and is designed, used or maintained primarily for the transport of property as a “truck.” Sec. 74-91.

Truck Routes. The City has established certain truck routes with the purpose of redirecting truck traffic away from city streets. Sec. 74-94. However, the City generally does not enforce its ordinances to interfere with normal delivery of goods and services. Sec. 74-92.

Trucks with over six-wheels. Trucks with over 6 wheels are prohibited on certain streets inside of the City of Jonesboro, and such streets are marked with traffic control devices. Sec. 74-95.

Truck and Commercial Vehicle Storage. Trucks may not be stored overnight in a front-yard of an M-1 district, or light industrial district, and commercial vehicles of all types generally may not be parked in a residential district, except under certain conditions. Sec. 86-108 and Sec. 74-3.

How we Investigate and Work on Jonesboro-Area Trucking Accident Cases

When you contact our Jonesboro law firm about a local truck or other commercial van or vehicle crash claim, first, we will consult with you on the phone or in person at no charge. We will advise you about the law, consult about your injuries and the potential value of your case, and if we decide to work together, our firm will immediately begin to investigate.

We understand how devastating truck accidents can be. Often the injuries are much more serious than a typical car accident. You will leave your appointment or consultation with a clear plan of action, advice about how to deal with your injuries, medical care and your employment, and we will have explained how your case will be investigated. Our firm will use our local relationships with Jonesboro and Clayton County police, medical offices, first-responders and accident reconstruction experts to get your case onto a solid foundation.

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Let our Attorneys Fight the Insurance and Trucking Company, So You Don’t Have To

Perhaps the best thing about hiring a local personal injury trucking accident attorney is knowing that you have a team on your side and close-at-hand, so that you can focus on other things – like recovering from your injuries. Our office will take this burden off you, and keep you updated as your truck crash case progresses.

If you have questions or would like to learn more, call us at 770-400-0000 (it’s easy to remember, call 770-“Four Million”).

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