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Why you need a Jonesboro Law Firm.  The Millar Law Firm has been settling and trying injury claims for your Clayton County neighbors since 1993.  Few, if any, law offices have the depth of experience and knowledge that it takes to consistently win cases in Jonesboro and Clayton County, Georgia.  Our attorneys and staff are among the most experienced in the State of Georgia.

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Common Questions Our Jonesboro Car Accident Lawyers Answer:

  • How much is my case worth?
  • How long does it take to get compensation after an injury?
  • If I don’t have medical insurance, how can I get medical care?
  • Can I recover money for lost earnings and work while I recover?
  • How do I get my car repaired or replace a total loss?
  • Will I be able to have a rental car?
  • Will my auto-insurance increase if I make an injury claim?

We understand that car accidents are painful, inconvenient and stressful.  That is why our office is proud to offer Free Consultations to anyone who contacts us, at no obligation to you.  Call or email us today and speak to an attorney in minutes.

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Interstate and State Highway Injury Experts. 

You or a loved one may have been injured on an Interstate Highway I-75, I-85 or I-285 in Clayton County, or on one of our local State Highways such as Ga. 19/41 or Hwy 54.  Over the years our Jonesboro office has handled hundreds of auto, truck and motorcycle accident cases on our local highways. Our lawyers are extremely familiar with how and why these accidents happen, with local law enforcement, and how to win in the local court system.  Our knowledge of the area and the local courts can give you a serious edge in your case.
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Local Highways, Roads and Records. 

Nothing beats local knowledge.  Who is going to do a better job investigating your case than a law firm that has been doing it here for 26 years?  Whether you live here or were just passing through South Atlanta, let us put our knowledge of the local highways, roads, 911 and local police department investigations to work for you.

What Can our Lawyers Do For you? 

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First and foremost, we can give you peace of mind.  Our most important jobs include advising you how to deal with the aftermath of an injury and how to get your claim and medical care started so that your case can be a success.  Dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company can be intimidating, and saying the wrong thing or signing releases or other papers without top-notch legal advice could seriously hurt your case.  Let us help you.

Not Sure If You Need A Lawyer

Even if you are not sure if you need a lawyer, if you call or contact our firm we will offer help and assistance at no charge.  If we then decide to work together, our law firm can usually open your file and begin to investigate within the first few hours.

Types of Car and Truck Accident Cases We Handle: 

The Millar Law Firm investigates handles all types of accident injury cases, such as:

  • Rear-End Crashes and Collisions
  • Head-On Accidents
  • Hit and Run
  • Injuries Caused by Drunk, Drugged and Intoxicated Drivers
  • Back and Neck Injuries
  • Accidents caused by Drivers who are not insured

These are just a few examples of the accident and wreck cases we handle.

Common Car Accident Questions

I was just involved in a motor vehicle collision. What now?

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle collision, you’re probably wondering what to do next. First, contact 911 and report the collision immediately. Then, if you can do so safely, retrieve all the information you can about the at-fault driver: vehicle color, make and model; license plate number; the driver’s automobile insurance policy information. Thirdly, use your cell phone to take as many pictures of all vehicles, including their respective damage, and the scene. Finally, get the contact information of all witnesses at the scene. If you can’t do these things because of the severity of the collision, don’t panic. It is the police officer’s duty to obtain this information.

After you’ve been involved in a car accident, you may not immediately feel pain. However, if you have been hurt, you should seek medical care immediately. If you cannot seek medical care in the hours following the collision, you should at least be seen at the ER or your primary doctor in no more than a few days. Taking each of these steps will help ensure your case is off to the best possible start. If you have any questions, call the Atlanta car and truck accident lawyers of The Millar Law Firm, our telephone consultations are free. 770-400-0000 (770-“4 Million”).

Which information/evidence should I be gathering at the scene?

If possible, you or a passenger can collect helpful information right at the accident scene. Ideally, and if you can do so safely, collect the other driver’s name, address and phone number as well as the driver’s license plate number, insurance company name and policy number. We also recommend obtaining the contact information and addresses and full names of any witnesses who saw the crash or stopped to help.

Take pictures. Preserve crucial evidence with your cell phone’s camera or video features to capture the damage to all cars. You should also take photos/videos of the roadway or intersection, the accident scene, debris on the road, skid marks, and injuries to you and/or others. To learn more, please see our page on Key Evidence in a Car Accident Scene.

After my accident, the value of my vehicle dropped. Do I have a claim?

You may have a claim. Under Georgia law, one who holds the title to a vehicle may be able to pursue a “diminished value claim” for the reduced value of a vehicle following a motor vehicle accident. Calculating the diminished value of your car should be simple and straightforward. For instance, if your car was worth $10,000 before a crash, and now worth only $7,500, you may be entitled to the difference: $2,500. However, insurance companies may try to complicate the matter by arguing that mileage, condition of the car and/or other factors are driving the value of your vehicle down. While an attorney may not be necessary for every diminished value claim, an attorney can help you negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement or, if necessary, represent you in court.

In some cases, an insurance company may act unreasonably by refusing to pay your property damage claim. It may be necessary for your attorney to file a bad faith insurance claim on your behalf.

Head over to our Insurance Settlements page to learn more about how the experienced car accident attorneys at The Millar Law Firm can protect your rights while negotiating with the insurance company. Find out more here with our free legal guide, How to Handle Your Own Claim.

What can I recover after an auto accident?

When another driver is proven to be at fault for the accident, Georgia law allows you to recover or be awarded damages. These fall into three broad categories known as (1) Special, (2) general and (3) punitive damages.

Special damages are intended to cover your financial (also known as “economic” harms and losses), which may cover past, present and — in some cases — future medical costs and bills, final expenses (as in a wrongful death case) and lost wages from the past or into the future.

General damages are usually what most people think of as pain and suffering, emotional distress, permanent injury and/or disability, disfigurement, the loss of your quality of life, and can also include a loss of consortium, which means the harm to your relationship with your spouse. O.C.G.A. 51-12-4.

Punitive damages are those damages sought and/or recovered when there is evidence of willful, callous, wanton or reckless conduct. These damages are given to punish or deter a defendant and others from doing the same thing again in the future. O.C.G.A. 51-12-5.1.

To learn more about what can be recovered, please see our Atlanta location’s page on Car Accidents.

My driver caused the accident and I was injured. Do I have a case?

Yes. Under Georgia law, if your injuries were caused by the negligence of someone else – the driver of another car or even the driver of the car you were in – you may still have the ability to be compensated for your injuries and losses.

If the driver of the car you were in caused the crash, you should not hesitate to seek compensation for your injuries and other losses– even if that driver is a friend. Generally, speaking you won’t be seeking to recover from that driver’s personal assets, but rather through his or her insurance policy. The driver has been paying insurance premiums for this exact reason.

To learn more, please see our Atlanta page on Car Accidents.

Does my car accident case require expert testimony about the force of impact?

Experts who can testify about the force of impact on the human body are known as bio-mechanical engineers. A bio-mechanical engineer may also need to be assisted by an accident reconstruction expert. These types of experts can be very expensive. The investigation and testimony alone can run tens of thousands of dollars.

Not every auto accident case warrants such a hefty case expense. An experienced attorney should be able to determine whether your case requires such testimony. Contact one of our experienced motor vehicle accident attorneys today at 770-400-0000 (770-“4 Million”).

The at-fault driver was distracted while driving. Are they responsible for my damages?

Yes. A driver that causes a collision because he or she is distracted is responsible for any injuries to you. Some examples of negligent and/or distracted driving are putting on makeup, talking on the phone, or fumbling with a radio. In fact, some conduct may be considered not only negligent but reckless such as using a mobile phone, driving while texting, and drowsy or drunk driving. If you were hurt in a car wreck caused by a distracted driver, contact our firm today. Our car wreck attorneys work closely with investigators and experts such as accident reconstruction specialists, medical doctors and mechanical professionals to prove each form of distracted driving in your injury case.

I was not injured in the car wreck, but my vehicle was damaged. What should I do?

When your car is damaged due to the negligence of another driver, you must report the accident to the police and your insurance company, even if you are not hurt. Your failure to report such an accident to your insurer may result in the loss of insurance coverage. The at-fault driver’s insurance policy should cover the damage to your vehicle, but if that driver is not insured, you may be entitled to repairs, diminished value or total loss coverage under your own policy. Review your insurance policy to see if you have collision coverage.

For more legal information, read our handy Georgia Property Damage Guide.

My car was totaled, but no one was injured. What should I do?

If your car was significantly damaged and/or totaled in a car accident, you should immediately contact the insurance carrier of the at-fault driver. You should also notify your insurance company out of an abundance of caution.

The process for repairing or totaling out your vehicle can be lengthy, particularly if you choose to go through the at-fault driver’s insurance company. The insurer will likely want to examine police reports and interview witnesses before it accepts liability. During this time however, the at-fault party’s insurance company should provide you with a rental car or reimburse you for a rental car while they determine if your vehicle is repairable or deemed a total loss.

Alternatively, if you have rental-car insurance coverage on your own policy, this may prove to be quicker and your insurance carrier will often subrogate against the at-fault party’s insurance company thereafter. However, you may need to pay a deductible for the repair or replacement of your car.

Unfortunately, if you do not have rental coverage under your own policy, you could face some out of pocket expenses and may be limited to a certain number of days for the rental car.

To learn more about property damage issues, please see The Millar Law Firm’s free, downloadable Georgia Property Damage Guide.

My car has minor damage. Will the Jury believe I was injured?

Imagine an egg carton filled with eggs being dropped. The carton probably does not get damaged much. Inside the carton some of the eggs are totally fine, some are cracked, and some are seriously broken. The force of impact broke the eggs inside but left the carton intact. Today’s cars are well-built. People riding in vehicles are similar to the eggs in the carton and are often seriously hurt without extensive damage to the outside of the car.

A lack of exterior damage does not automatically mean you don’t have an injury claim. In fact, we have been successful in recovering significant awards for clients injured in low-impact motor vehicle accidents. Contact one of our experienced car accident attorneys today at 770-400-0000 (770-“4 Million”).

If I was negligent and contributed to the crash, can I recover?

That depends. Under Georgia law, if a motor vehicle accident victim’s own negligence contributed to the collision and he or she was injured as a result, the recovery amount could potentially be reduced.

The State of Georgia uses a modified form of comparative fault. O.C.G.A. 51-12-33. Under this law, if an automobile accident victim was responsible to some degree for his or her injury, a trier of fact will determine the percentage of the person’s fault and reduce their recovery proportionally. However, if it is determined that a person’s fault exceeds that of the other driver, or the person could have avoided the consequences caused by the other driver’s negligence, recovery may be barred.

Unfortunately, insurance companies often try to shift blame for an accident. Your need to be protected in this situation is one of the many reasons why you should contact The Millar Law Firm today.

Why did my lawyer sue the at-fault driver and not his/her Insurance Company?

In most car accident injury lawsuits, the injured party is required to file suit against the person (or company) who directly caused their injuries, instead of the insurance company. However, because insurance is required on all cars in Georgia, an insurance company usually defends the person being sued and pays the Jury’s verdict up to the amount of insurance coverage.

Georgia Car Accident Injury Guide: If I don’t feel hurt immediately after a crash, should I still seek medical care?

Yes. If you are in any pain, even if you have not been seriously injured, you should still go to the emergency room. Even if you don’t have visibly serious injuries, you may have internal organ, head, brain or soft tissue injuries that are not immediately apparent. These injuries must be examined and treated. You should also receive follow-up medical treatment within a few days after the accident.

Medical records document your injuries and complaints and play a crucial role in your case. Particularly, they will help to establish the injuries you have suffered and the extent of your losses.

To preserve the integrity of your case, The Millar Law Firm will obtain your initial medical records as soon as you hire us. We will also pay upfront for all costs of obtaining these records. Please see our page on Using Medical Records in Your Car Accident Case to learn more about this subject.

The at-fault driver is uninsured. What should I do?

This is a complicated situation – and one that, unfortunately, is common in Georgia. You can generally seek damages for any medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and punitive damages through the at-fault driver’s liability coverage. However, if the at-fault driver is uninsured, you may be entitled to recover through your own uninsured motorist policy.

Under-insured or un-insured motorist insurance (UM or UIM) is coverage that allows you to recover the injuries and loss you sustained in the event the at-fault driver has no liability coverage or has coverage in an amount less than your UIM limit and the value of your injury claim exceeds the at-fault driver’s liability limits. O.C.G.A. 33-7-11.

Although your insurance company may have been friendly with you when it accepted your premiums, it may not be so friendly when you seek to collect your benefits under such UM/UIM coverage. This is why you will want to work with a lawyer experienced in handling insurance claims. Please see our page on Insurance Settlements to learn more about how The Millar Law Firm can assist you by dealing directly with insurance companies on your behalf.

I didn’t get pictures of the accident! Have I already lost my case?

Now that camera phones are everywhere, many Jurors expect to see photos from the accident scene. Unfortunately, however, many clients are too injured or dazed immediately after the accident to take photos of their vehicle and the scene. Often, the location of a traffic accident is chaotic, such as along a busy highway or intersection. People forget to take photos. The lack of accident and/or damage photos does not automatically mean your case is devalued. However, time is of the essence to ensure such evidence is preserved. Let our team put our investigative experience to work for you today.

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