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The Right Lawyer For An At-Work Injury

Have you (or a loved one) recently been involved in a work-related accident in Georgia?  If you are considering filing a claim you may want the help of an experienced Georgia work injury attorney.

Even if your injury did not happen in Atlanta, we can help! The Millar Law Firm handles and investigates serious injury claims all over the State of Georgia.

Is Your Case Workers Compensation? Or A Third-Party Case?

Do you know which type of claim you have?

Knowing when your case must be brought through Workers Compensation and which claims can be brought  directly against the person or company that injured you is critical to your future.

Workers Compensation cases are often limited – meaning you may end up recovering far less compensation for your injury when compered to a direct (tort) claim.

How can you recover more than  just Workers Compensation? You may be able to make a direct claim or file a lawsuit if  or when your injuries were caused by a third party (a person or company not working for or owned by your employer).  This is often (but not always) the case if you were injured in a car or truck accident, by a defective product, or by the employee of another company or contractor.


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Why (or when) should I sue outside of worker’s compensation?

While you may be eligible for Georgia workers’ compensation benefits, these benefits are often low and often do not cover all of your expenses. Without other forms of compensation, you may not be able to pay your medical bills or other living expenses.

You may be able to get more money for the pain and suffering that you have endured.

It is important to make sure that your company or employer may be held responsible so as to ensure that others are also not hurt on the job.

Also, in certain circumstances you may be eligible to recover workers compensation benefits AND file a third-party claim, dramatically increasing your final recovery.

Can I file a lawsuit in cases where I am not limited to workers compensation benefits?

Yes! If you have been involved in a workplace injury that has left you with serious injuries or a life threatening illness, you may have the option to file a lawsuit in order to get the compensation that you deserve, both depending on how the injury happened, who caused you to become hurt and provided that the statute of limitation has not expired. Act quickly to contact an attorney to make sure that no important deadlines are missed.Your injuries may leave you unable to work.

Without work how will you pay for your ongoing expenses? If you experience worsening injuries or illness due to your workplace injury, consult with an experienced Georgia injury attorney to get the legal advice that you need.

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