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Georgia Wrongful Death On The Job FAQ: If my family member was killed while on-the-job, can we pursue a wrongful death action?

Published February 12, 2018 by Bruce Millar

Georgia Wrongful Death On The Job FAQ:  We wish there were always an easy answer to this question.  Each case must be carefully investigated.  Sometimes on-the-job death benefits are limited to what is available under the Georgia Workers Compensation Act (WCA).  Financial recovery under the WCA can be disappointingly small.   This is why we recommend that each and every at-work death or serious injury claim be evaluated for a legal determination as to whether there may be a claim or lawsuit against a third-party that may owe additional compensation for what happened.

In Georgia, if a third party causes the wrongful death, a separate claim may exist.  We often see this situation where a truck driver or warehouse worker is hurt or killed by an employee of another company or a stranger on the road or highway.  Often, the only way to know for sure is to investigate.  One common scenario that we see happens when a worker is hit by heavy equipment, such as a bobcat or forklift at a large factory, storage facility or construction site.  An investigation should be performed to determine whether the deceased was hit and killed by a person working for a different employer, or whether the accident happened because an outside company sold a defective product to the employer or failed to properly maintain the equipment.

If a family member is killed while on-the-job, call our Atlanta Georgia wrongful death lawyers to discuss the specific circumstances of the wrongful death.  We will answer your questions and investigate at no charge.  We only charge legal fees on cases when we are able to recover money for you and your family.

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