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Georgia Car Accident Injury Guide: If I don’t feel hurt after a crash, should I still go to the hospital?

Published February 12, 2018 by Bruce Millar

Yes. If you are in any pain, even if you have not been seriously injured, you should still go to the emergency room. You should also receive follow-up medical treatment within a few days after the accident.

Even though you may have no cuts, scrapes, bruises or broken bones, you may have internal organ, head, brain or soft tissue injuries that are not immediately apparent. These injuries must be examined and treated.

Medical records will play an important role in your case as well. In particular, they will help to establish the injuries you have suffered and the extent of your losses.

To prevent your medical records from being lost or destroyed, The Millar Law Firm will help you to obtain your medical records as soon as we take on your case. We will also pay upfront for all costs of obtaining these records.

Please see our page on Using Medical Records in Your Car Accident Case to learn more about this subject.

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