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I was hurt in a car accident. Now, my medical or health insurance wants to take part of my settlement. Can they do that?

Published February 6, 2018 by Bruce Millar

If you have been hurt in a car, truck or motorcycle accident and your medical treatment was paid for by your health insurance, or workers’ compensation insurance, these insurance carriers, or possibly even your hospital or doctor’s office, may place a lien on your recovery.  These medical providers may have a full or a limited claim to reimbursement from your award or settlement.  The only way to know how strong a health insurance plan reimbursement (subrogation) right is, often is to obtain and review the policy language.  This is one of the services The Millar Law Firm’s Georgia attorneys provide at no additional charge to our representation.  Other liens, such as hospital, physician and ERISA liens are often highly negotiable, and should never be paid in full without first having an attorney assess the strength of the lien and negotiate it to a lower amount.

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