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Tractor Trailer Driver At Fault For Causing Collision That Injured School Teacher

Published February 28, 2018 by Bruce Millar

It didn’t take a Cobb County jury long to decide in favor of a school teacher who sustained debilitating back injuries when a tractor trailer hit her car in a head-on collision. The jury, empaneled by Judge Irma Brittain Glover in Cobb County State Court, took little more than a day to conclude that when a semi-truck leaves its lane and slams into an oncoming passenger vehicle, restitution should be made.

The accident happened on State Route 316 in Barrow County. The big-rig veered into the plaintiff’s lane crashing into the passenger vehicle head-on. The plaintiff’s vehicle was totaled and the driver’s door was torn off by the collision.

Quote about the accident.

The plaintiff, a 30-something married school teacher suffered herniation of discs in both the lumbar and cervical locations of her spine, necessitating multiple spinal surgeries. She claimed permanent disability that kept her from work for the rest of her life. Plaintiff asked the court to award her $450,000 in past medical costs and $25,000 per year in wages lost for the approximately 30 years ($750,000) that she might have been able to work had she not been injured. She also asked for damages for her permanent pain and suffering.

The defendant admitted liability in the accident, but argued that the plaintiff had pre-existing spinal problems that may have been simply aggravated by the accident. (The plaintiff denied any pre-existing spinal conditions.) Additionally, the defendant claimed that the plaintiff could to return to work, but chose not to in order to spend more time with her children.

The 12 Cobb County citizens who heard the case quickly determined that the defendants were not just at fault in the accident, they were also responsible for the resulting diminished quality of life the plaintiff was forced to endure as a result of their negligence.

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