The 2016 Safest Small Cars for you and your Family: The Top 3

Published March 19, 2016 by Bruce Millar
The 2016 Safest Small Cars for you and your Family: The Top 3

When buying a car, what are the first things that you think of? Horse power? Speed? Looks? While all these are perhaps more than fair standards on which to judge an auto-mobile, we think that any family considering their next run-around will eventually fall onto the same talking point: safety. This one factor smothers all others into almost non-existent background noise, and while we would all love to be cruising around in a top-down coupé; hypnotized by the gentle purr of the engine; when your kids are strapped into the back seat you want to know they’re in good hands.

Think about it – we live in a day where even the smallest and basic economic cars can reach thrilling speeds on the road within seconds. All throughout the 90’s horsepower and speed was a strong selling point. It can seem really attractive to learn about a cars ability to jump from 0-60 mph, but now that we live in a time where fatal accidents happen almost every 2 hours across America it’s safety that American consumers look for in a vehicle. The best part is with the advanced technology in motor vehicles in this day-and-age, we might be close to the first fatal accident free vehicle.

What makes these cars safe is not the accident protection technology, it’s in the sophisticated accident avoidance prevention systems, by preventing drivers from being distracted, rear-end camera technology, and even

With that in mind, here’s a look at three safest cars available today throughout the world.

1. Acura ILX

Drivers Space After Impact

Transportation scientists study car safety using a crash test dummy which sits in the driver seat after a front-driverside impactAfter being hit with full impact there’s one feature about Acura’s ILX that makes it stand out above the rest and that feature is the space the driver is given. The more space the safer. The inner metal lining of the vehicle that surrounds the passengers doesn’t cave to the point where it will impact the passengers. Combine that with the all-around airbag technology the vehicle offers and you have a car that offers some serious protection from head injuries, and even spinal injuries.

2. Honda Civic

Although this vehicle doesn’t offer the space the Acura ILX offers after an accident it keeps the space available that’s needed for a driver to be protected. The IIHS gave this vehicle a superior protection rating. The vehicle offers strong side strength, roof strength, and even head restraint strength. This is great news for Honda car lovers! The 2016 model is reported the safest out of all of the years the Civic has been around.

3. Subaru XV Crosstrek

For two years in a row the Subaru XV Crosstrek has been voted to offer superior protection by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The 2016 vehicle offers a superior frontal collision automated braking system which will autonomously hit the brakes for you if it detects a crash.

The above 3 are what we would deem the 3 safest small vehicles on the market. Please bear in mind, however, that a car’s safety rating is only a fraction of the equation, as the unpredictable nature of car accidents injuries will happen if drivers are negligent. We as firm encourage for better and safer vehicles to start going onto the roads in large numbers. If they can lower the amount of fatalities that occur each year these cars can be one of the best automobile investments a person can acquire.