Why A Rear-End Collision in Henry County Georgia May Be Worth Over $3,000,000!

Published October 2, 2017 by Bruce Millar
Why A Rear-End Collision in Henry County Georgia May Be Worth Over $3,000,000!

How much is a rear-end collision requiring neck surgery worth in the State Court of Henry County Georgia? Read on to find out why Jurors in Henry County Georgia made an insurance company pay over $3,000,000.00 after a rear-end crash in Clayton County, near Jonesboro.

In February 2015, Georgia man in his 40s was riding as a passenger in a pickup truck traveling on Tara Boulevard in Jonesboro, Georgia. The truck was stopped at a red light at its intersection with Arrowhead Boulevard when the defendant rear-ended it, causing neck injuries.

The victim was taken by ambulance to an emergency room. He had complaints of neck pain and he was examined and instructed to follow up with an orthopedist. Several days later, the victim followed saw an orthopedist who referred him to physical therapy, massage, and chiropractic care for about one month.

When the pain did not go-away an MRI was done that showed spinal stenosis (narrowing of the spinal canal which can be either natural or caused by trauma). Doctors determined that a cervical fusion was needed. Several months later, the victim had cervical (neck) fusion surgery of discs C3-4, C4-5 and C5-6. After the surgery, medical care included several trigger-point injections and medication to control pain.

At trial, the at-fault driver admitted that he caused the accident. The insurance company for the at-fault driver hoped that by admitting fault for causing the crash, the Jury would go easy on the defense.

However, by the time of trial, the victim’s medical bills were over $246,000.00. An orthopedic surgeon testified that he was permanently disabled and a pain management specialist explained that future medical care would include trigger-point injections, pain medication and physical therapy and future medical expenses of about $375,000.00. An expert in vocational rehabilitation also testified that because the worker’s job had involved installing utility poles, and because his work involved lifting and standing for long periods of time, he was permanently disabled from working. Future lost income was estimated to be just over $620,000.00.

Finally, the victim himself testified that he continues to have constant neck pain, a limited range of motion, and that he is no longer able work or do the things he enjoys, like riding an ATV and golfing.

The defense lawyer argued that the victim’s injuries and claims for damages were exaggerated and excessive and asked the Jury to make a much smaller damages award. After deliberating for about 4 hours, the Jury awarded over $3.3 Million dollars.

Are all car accident cases tried to a Jury in Henry County, Georgia worth over $3,000,000.00? Probably not, but if you or a family member have been seriously hurt in a car accident, do not expect the insurance company to pay a large settlement without a good trial-lawyer on your side.

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