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Questions Our Personal Injury Attorneys May Ask You In a Free Consultation

Published April 17, 2018 by Bruce Millar

If you have been involved in a car accident, we offer a free consultation to help you fully understand your legal rights.  We want to make sure you understand all of the pros and cons of making a claim against the other driver or drivers, and your chances of winning any claim you file.  You also need to understand how the whole process works, and how it will affect all aspects of your life, including your health, your job, your family, and future.  By the end of this consultation, we hope to answer all your questions, and help you to understand all your options.  Then it will be your job to decide what, if any, legal action you want to take. 

Subtitle: Your Story—The Foundation of Our Consultation

When police officers investigate car accidents, the almost always ask the same question:  “What happened.”  We will ask you the same question for one simple reason.  We want you to give us the “big picture” from your point of view.  Once we have this big picture, we will have many other questions about how the accident happened and about how the accident is affecting you, your family, and your health.  We will also investigate using other sources like the police report, the other drivers, eyewitnesses, 911 records and recordings, medical records and use experts to help determine fault, prove your injuries, and recover full value for your injuries. 

Subtitle: Insurance and Employment Details

Insurance information is very important in accident cases.  We will ask you about your insurance policy, but also about any insurance the other driver or drivers have.  Our firm will also investigate to determine the dollar limits on all applicable insurance policies.  Depending on the facts of your case, insurance might be the biggest and sometimes the only way to collect for your losses, although occasionally an at-fault driver is part of a company or government entity that is self-insured.  We also need to know whether or not you, or any of the other drivers, were working at the time of the accident.  This is important because if you or the at-fault driver were on the job at the time of the accident, the may determine, in full or in part, who is responsible to pay for any injuries. 

Subtitle: The Settlement/Lawsuit Process, and Your Expectations

Some of the most important questions will be about who caused the accident, and whether or not you partially caused it.  We may also need to find out about any other prior car accidents you have been in, and whether you were injured in any of those accidents.  Did you file any claims for those accidents?  If so, your past medical history may matter to how we approach proving your new injury claims.  We will obtain a short employment history from you.  And we will explain how the claims process works, how settlement works (80-90% of cases do settle), and if we can’t settle, we will explain how the lawsuit process works.  Throughout all this, we will keep you fully informed and fully involved.  Finally, since this is your life and your case, we will talk with you about what you expect, financially and otherwise, from your claim and whether and how we can help you achieve the result you need, desire and deserve. 

Subtitle: Setting a Strategy

If you choose to hire our firm to pursue a claim against the at-fault driver(s), we can help you in several ways. First of all, we dig into the facts and do our best to prove the accident was caused by the other driver or drivers.  Additionally, we gather your medical records, and work with your doctors and medical experts to prove all the injuries you suffered, how serious they were, and whether or not your injuries are permanent.  We will also obtain all of your medical bills and any lost wages.  We will also investigate to look for all available sources of insurance to pay for your losses.  If the other drivers were working for an employer, organization, or a government entity at the time of the accident, that entity may also be responsible pay for your losses. 

Subtitle:  A Comfortable, Free and Friendly Consultation

When you have a free consultation with The Millar Law Firm, we will do our very best to make sure you get the information you need to make good decisions about your injury case in a relaxed no-pressure meeting with a caring and friendly attorney. We understand how disruptive your accident, your injuries, your wage losses and your medical bills can be on your life. We cant turn back the clock to make your accident un-happen, but we can help make your recovery as easy as possible under the circumstances by explaining your legal rights and working with you through every step of the process.

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