Jury Finds In Favor of Georgia Police Officer Injured at an Accident Scene

Published February 14, 2018 by Ivory Roberson
Jury Finds In Favor of Georgia Police Officer Injured at an Accident Scene

A Macon Police Department motorcycle officer was preparing to investigate an accident scene when he was struck by a truck!

Officers in Civil Injury Lawsuits

The officer was approaching an accident scene at the intersection of Raines Avenue in Macon, Georgia. Witnesses testified that he had his blue lights on and his siren was also operating. As with any accident, officers view the site and observe the damage. The officer rode over the double yellow centerline with his lights flashing, but as he approached the wreck, a driver in the opposing hit the officer’s motorcycle.

The officer suffered a fractured shoulder that required two surgeries. After his second surgery, the plaintiff had a three-year gap in treatment and then saw a pain management specialist for recurring pain.

The officer sued the driver and stated that the defendant was negligent and failed to yield to an emergency vehicle. The defendant argued that the officer was not properly in emergency mode and was driving too fast.

A Six Figure Award

Per the witnesses, the officer was, in fact, in emergency mode at an accident scene. After a one hour deliberation, the jury awarded the plaintiff $200,000.

Not all motorcycle and truck accidents happen on the highway at high speeds. In this instance, a collision happened right at an accident scene. The Millar Law Firm is experienced with a variety of auto, motorcycle and truck accidents in Georgia. Give us a call if you need assistance with your claim.

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