Our Busiest Holiday - Putting a Stop to Texting & Driving in Georgia

Published June 28, 2017 by Bruce Millar

This 4th of July will be the busiest travel holiday of all-time according to AAA with over 44.2 million drivers nationwide traveling during Independence Day weekend which means texting and driving related accidents may increase. While texting and driving is banned in Georgia, some drivers still elect to use their cell phones to send messages while behind the wheel.

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This 4th of July and forever, lets end texting and driving for good. There are safe ways to use mobile devices while driving that do not involve distraction from the road such as hands-free devices, speech-to-text, and others however at The Millar Law Firm. we ask that you keep your phones out of site and out of mind while driving. Below are a few activities that will help curb texting and driving:

  • Audio Books – With smart cars and systems to play virtually anything while driving, why not enjoy an audio book while travelling. Listening to a good story while on a long trip will keep the ride entertaining, insightful, and provide talking points.
  • Talk and Listen to Your Passengers – Talking to friends and family on a long trip is a great way to keep focused on the road and not on texting. Playing word games, telling stories, and listening will help you keep both eyes on the road at all times.
  • Listen to the Radio – On a long drive, listening to the radio can be interesting especially when driving out of state. Every state has local radio djs that often share stories about living in the area you happen to drive through so the radio can be educational.

No matter which option you choose to keep yourself safe and alert while driving, at The Millar Law Firm. we would like you to keep your phone out of your hands when operating a motor vehicle. If you are struck by someone who was distracted by their mobile device or other gadget, call us now at 404-620-4301 and we will help you immediately.