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Georgia Health Care Reimbursements for Dog Bite Claims and Cases

Georgia Health Care Reimbursements for Dog Bite Claims and Cases

If you have health insurance or receive worker’s compensation benefits, after you receive money from a dog bite claim you may be surprised to find that your health insurance company is trying to get some of the money that the dog’s owner paid to you. This is called health care reimbursement or subrogation. It is very common in dog bite incidents and in many other kinds of accident cases for health insurance carrier to swoop in after your case is settled to claim it is owed some or all of your settlement.

The attorneys of The Millar Law Firm are very familiar with health care reimbursement and with the Georgia laws that apply to health insurer demands after an injury.  We can help you to:

  • Keep as much of your settlement money as possible.
  • Negotiate with your health insurer to minimize – and in many cases entirely eliminate – healthcare reimbursement.
  • Reduce your stress-level as you cope with your dog bite injuries.

To learn more about what The Millar Law Firm’s Legal Team can do for you if your health insurer is trying to take some (or all) of your dog bite verdict or settlement, call us today or contact us online. We answer our phones 24/7. You can speak directly with a lawyer about your case, right away.  Our initial consultations are always free.

Keeping More of Your Georgia Dog Bite Settlement Amount

If you have health insurance or your case involves workers compensation, your health insurer or workers comp carrier is likely paying the bills for your medical costs and treatment. The insurer – whether a private one such as Blue Cross Blue Shield or a public one such as Medicaid – is very likely to ask for some or all of that money back after you secure a financial recovery (settlement or verdict) in your case.

In Georgia, some health insurance and most workers compensation plans have no right to recover any of the medical bills that they paid unless the insurer can prove you were “made whole.”   The Georgia made-whole rule or doctrine means that many health insurance companies must prove you were fully compensated and did not compromise your claim in any way or their lien (right to reimbursement) is ineffective and cannot be enforced.  Insurers will generally not tell you about the “made whole” rule, because most accident, injury or bite victims are not made whole.  Insurance companies know about “made-whole” but generally will ask victims to fully reimburse them anyway, knowing they have only a very weak claim to the funds.  But, many people do not know about made whole, and pay them anyway — which only encourages the insurance companies to continue making such claims.  A competent personal injury lawyer who is familiar with the Georgia Made Whole Doctrine can help you avoid merit-less claims by insurance companies to take part of your settlement.

In some cases, a health insurance plan is governed by federal ERISA laws.  Such plans have a much stronger right to reimbursement (ie., to take part of your insurance settlement).  But, all is not lost.  ERISA health care plans are rarely, if ever, entitled to a dollar-for-dollar reimbursement, and our firm regularly negotiates with ERISA plans to significantly reduce the amount paid back to the health insurance company.  Each dollar not paid back to the ERISA carrier is another dollar you keep.  Be advised, however, that ERISA carriers are notoriously tough and stingy and may not relent or reduce your lien without some tough negotiation.

If your health insurer tries to take a bite out of your settlement or award, our Firm ‘s legal team will step in to protect you.

Our goals will always be to:

  • Limit the health insurer’s reimbursement strictly to the amount it is legally entitled to receive.
  • Eliminate the health insurance company’s claim completely, whenever possible.
  • Allow you to move on with your life with the peace and security you deserve.

Contact Our Atlanta Dog Bite Attorneys and Legal Team Today

At The Millar Law Firm we are never afraid to stand up and fight for the rights of injured victims against insurance companies. Our attorneys are here for you.

We can and will represent you against the dog owner’s insurance company, and later in any necessary negotiations with your own health insurer to minimize the amount of health care reimbursement you pay.  Most importantly, we do not charge extra for this service.  Helping you keep as much of your settlement or verdict as possible is included in our representation of you.

Our services are available to dog bite victims on a contingent fee basis. This means you do not pay unless we secure compensation for you.

If and when you are ready to learn more about how our legal team can help you receive more from the insurance company and ensure your dog bite settlement or damage award  is not unfairly reduced by health care subrogation (reimbursement) please call or contact the law firm online, 24/7.  We will speak with you today about your legal problems.

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