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Free Case Evaluation

We will learn the details of your case and our attorneys will let you know your rights and what your best legal options are.

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Investigate & Gather Evidence

Our attorneys and experts will investigate and collect evidence, including: police reports, video and 911 recordings, photos and measurements, witness statements, GPS and onboard electronic data, and medical evidence.

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Settle Your Claim

Our attorneys will communicate with the insurance company(s) involved in the case, and will push to reach a settlement.

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File Your Injury Lawsuit

If no settlement is reached, an injury lawsuit will be filed.

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Let Us Handle the Stress

Our trusted team of lawyers are ready to work for you.


Discovery Process

Documents and evidence presented by the negligent party will be reviewed.

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Negotiation & Mediation

A final attempt will be made to reach a settlement through negotiation or mediation before your case goes to trial.

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Personal Injury Trial

If no settlement is reached it will be up to the Court or a Jury to decide how much compensation should be awarded.

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