Can You Rupture Your Spleen in a Georgia Car Accident?

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What can you expect from a car accident? Nothing good. The first question you ask when you learn about a crash involving a friend or loved one is, “Was anyone hurt?”

Simply put, humans are not designed for high-speed collisions of tons of metal. The results often are horrific, with the five most common results being soft-tissue damage, scrapes and cuts, head injuries, chest injuries, and arm and leg injuries.

If your answer to the common post-crash question is, “A car accident caused my spleen to rupture,” you aren’t alone. It is an injury many car accident victims suffer.

Ruptured Spleen Is a Common Injury in Car Accidents

The spleen is a fist-size organ in the upper-left side of the abdomen, slightly above elbow level. It filters old blood cells and helps fight infection. Symptoms of a rupture include pain in the upper-left abdomen and/or shoulder, as well as pain when the area is touched. Being confused, lightheaded, or dizzy are common complaints.

Blunt trauma to the chest or punctures from car crashes are among the most common causes of spleen ruptures. Death is possible, but the results typically range from the body healing itself completely to loss of the organ and a lifelong susceptibility to infections.

What to Expect from a Ruptured Spleen in a Car Accident

There are simple steps that can be taken to diagnose a spleen rupture:

  • A physician who suspects you have a ruptured spleen will use external pressure to test the area for tenderness and gauge whether the organ is enlarged.
  • Blood tests can identify further evidence of damage to the spleen, and scans such as an ultrasound can indicate internal bleeding. Fluid can be drawn from the abdominal cavity to find evidence of bleeding.
  • The final diagnostic step could be a CT scan. The scan can rule out other sources of internal bleeding.

Once the rupture is diagnosed, the severity of the injury dictates the treatment, which can range from a stay in the hospital for monitoring and recuperation to immediate removal of the organ.

  • If the rupture isn’t too severe, the victim could heal with rest and time. A hospital stay often results, and blood transfusions are a possibility.
  • After the initial treatment and healing, periodic checks such as CT scans can be used to monitor the healing process.
  • Sometimes surgery is necessary. This can include surgery to repair the rupture or to remove part or all of the organ.

The mortality rate for spleen ruptures is low, but death can occur through loss of blood.

Costly Effects of a Ruptured Spleen

Treatment for a ruptured spleen is tailored to the individual. However, you can expect it to be costly. Apart from the initial emergency care costs, you could be facing surgical expenses, medication bills, and costly follow-up visits.

Of course, you are likely suffering other damages from your car accident, as well, such as missed time from work. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that crash injuries in 2012 would cost victims $33 billion in wages.

The expense doesn’t stop there, either. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put the economic cost of crashes in 2010 at $242 billion. That is the financial fallout from 32,999 fatalities, 3.9 million nonfatal injuries, and 24 million damaged vehicles. With losses in quality of life and overall societal harm factored in, the tab jumps to $836 billion.

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