Exercise Caution When Handling A Dog; Even Your Own

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Owning your own dog, and spending plenty of time getting to know your dog might make you think the dog would never attack you or turn on you. This is not always the case, especially with dogs that can be considered ‘dangerous’ or designed to be a ‘watch-dog’. These animals will often attack whenever they feel scared and that attack might be on you, their owner. To help any animal feel at peace about a situation its ideal to really exercise caution and assume the animal is feeling threatened. Exercising caution can help remove that threat, making the animal feel comfortable with the situation.

Dogs Have Turned On Their Owners

Dog attack in AtlantaAlways exercise caution when dealing with dogs. Even those you are familiar with and interact with. A Southeast Georgia woman was brutally and fatally mauled by her boyfriend’s pit bull in their shared residence. The woman arrived home from work to let the pit bull out, which was the normal routine. Without warning or provocation, the dog viciously attacked and mauled her to death.

According to media reports, the woman had safely handled the dog on several occasions. By all accounts she was an “animal expert;” a former pre-veterinary medicine student at Gainesville State College. The dog’s attack was unpredictable and sudden. The dog had no history of aggression or viciousness.

What To Do If Your Dog Acts Abnormally

protecting yourself from your dogSo how can you avoid an unpredictable and explosive dog attack? Choosing a suitable dog breed and properly training the dog may lower the risk of attack. Also, remain attentive and vigilant as when handling any animal. Even your own. If you notice a sudden change in temperament such as growling, gnashing of the teeth, a sudden display of tension or unhappiness, or if you have actually been bitten, retreat to a safe location, if possible. Once you are in a secure location, immediately contact animal control. Once the dog has been properly quarantined and you have received treatment, if necessary, contact your pet’s veterinarian to alert them of the dog’s behavior. The veterinarian may be able to recommend animal behavior specialists to consult with or if rehabilitation of the dog is possible.

While we love our pets and often view them as family members, it is important to remember that all animals have the ability to become aggressive and vicious. In order to protect ourselves from such explosive attacks, it is important to know the signs of a potentially dangerous animal and to remain vigilant.

Contact Our Law Firm If You Ever Get Bit By A Dog

attorneys speed it upWe have seen the horrendous injuries that many have suffered from a dog attack. If you or a loved one has been attacked or injured by a dog, contact us for a free legal consultation. We understand and want to inform you about the options that may be available to you.