How to Proceed if There’s a Vicious Dog in Your Neighborhood

angry dog ready to bite

Having an aggressive dog in your neighborhood can be pretty frightening. If it’s gotten out of its enclosure before – or if it’s not kept in an enclosure – you’ll be constantly on the lookout to make sure that it’s not in your yard or out in the neighborhood when you or your kids are outside. Going for a run or a bicycle ride in your area can suddenly become hazardous to your health. Just going outside to check the mail could get you or one of your family members bitten or attacked. It’s not a way life should be lived, and many sadly have to deal with it in their Georgia neighborhoods. Luckily, there’s hope and tactful ways you can deal with this to prevent dog bites.

How can I spot a potentially dangerous animal in Atlanta?

  • Growls often

  • Shows aggression frequently when they see people

  • Shows teeth when displaying aggression

  • Shows aggression at everything – even other dogs

  • Doesn’t display any sense of happiness – yes dogs can be happy

Vicious dogs give off all of the signs and they don’t hide them. They’re not aware that they give them off. If you believe the dog is showing these signs there’s a strong possibility that if the dog is ever loose it will bite someone in the area.

Dog Bite LawsuitsWhat do you do in a situation like this? It might be tempting to take matters into your own hands, but this could land you in a lot of trouble. A Georgia man faced charges last year for shooting and killing a neighbor’s dog that he claimed had attacked his children on more than one occasion. As understandable as it is that the man would want to protect his family, he went about it the wrong way and is now facing the consequences. If the attacks were real, the man could’ve potentially received a payout for the bites, instead he had to end paying a price. Dog bites are significantly dangerous and the payouts aren’t small at all. This is why we strongly advise you to consult with a dog bite lawyer if a bite happened.

The Best Solution For Dealing With Vicious Dogs in Atlanta

police in GeorgiaAlthough it can seem like the best solution, vigilantism isn’t looked well upon by any law enforcement office. Instead of taking matters into your own hands, you should know the proper procedure for having a vicious dog taken care of. First, if you’ve been attacked or if you’ve seen the dog off leash and/or off of its owner’s property, you can call animal control to send officers out to your area to pick the dog up and/or talk with the dog’s owner. Don’t ever be afraid of doing this because the officials usually don’t disclose your name to the dog owner – they will focus on

Dog Abuse in the Atlanta Neighborhood

If you think that the dog’s owner is abusing the animal or acting in any unlawful way, you can also call animal control. If you don’t have the number for the animal control office in your area, and it’s an emergency, go ahead and call 911. The emergency dispatcher can get you in touch with the right office for the situation. Usually, a single call – especially if there’s been an attack – is all that’s necessary to get the animal registered as a vicious dog. The owner will then have to go through all of the red tape and fines of owning a dangerous animal, or the dog will be taken away. If you have attempted calling more than once, but nothing has happened, you may want to go ahead and talk with an attorney who specializes in dog bites and vicious animals.

For detailed information on the law and what you can do about a vicious animal in your area, don’t hesitate to call and talk with one of our dog bite attorneys.