Victim of a Robbery? A Personal Injury Attorney May Help

How can a Personal Injury Lawyer help if you have been the accidental victim of a robbery?

Consider the following situation: A man walks into a Georgia grocery store that has a bank branch and passes a robbery note to the teller. Something goes wrong and the robber begins shooting. He injures customers who were in the store doing their weekly grocery shopping. Can an accident and injury attorney in Georgia help? Yes, quite possibly.

Many people become the accidental injury victims in robberies like this every year. When a violent crime or murder is committed, one of the first questions an experienced premises/negligentsecurity attorney can investigate to determine whether the person or business in command of the store or premises could have prevented the crime from occurring. If it is found that an assault, rape, kidnapping, robbery, mugging, shooting or murder occurred because there was a lapse in security, including failure to provide adequate locks, security systems or employing careless security officers, a negligent security case may exist.

Experienced personal injury crime victim attorneys will evaluate these cases and determine the full extent of the compensation that a victim or his/her family deserves. Such compensation may medical expenses, rehabilitation, funeral costs, lost wages, disfigurement, disability, pain and suffering, emotional distress and the loss of services or loss of comfort, care and companionship of a loved one. Our experienced personal injury attorneys also will determine whether punitive damages may be available due to the premises’ (business, store, apartment, etc.) particularly egregious misconduct in failing to ensure security.

If you have a question about premises liability or negligent security or if you know someone that has been hurt or killed because of a failure to keep a store, business or apartment safe and secure, call our Georgia law office for a free consultation with an injury attorney. Millar &Mixon, LLC can be reached at 404-620-4301 or you can email us at We have been protecting the rights of Georgia’s injured since 1993 and we will work to get you the compensation that the law provides for. Call Now!