Dog Bites: Compassionate and Dedicated Representation

our law firmDog bites are extremely traumatic experiences and they leave physical scars on their victims and emotional scars on the injured and their loved ones. Our Atlanta personal injury law firm has handled hundreds of dog bite injury cases and many of them include situations where the victims not only sought treatment for their physical injuries but also counseling and therapy for their anxiety and depression that also resulted from the dog bite attacks. Understanding that the dog bite injury doesn’t end with the physical treatment, our firm takes a dedicated and compassionate approach in working for our clients. Here are some examples of how we work with our clients:

  • Visiting them in the hospital. Some of our most serious cases involved clients that were hospitalized. We have spent many hours with our clients and their families at hospitals and rehabilitation centers when they were not able to come to us. Life is rough after a dog bite – and the hospital experience isn’t a blast.
  • Visiting them at their homes. Certain clients have been scarred so severely that it takes a long time before they feel comfortable leaving the safety of their homes. When our clients need us to meet with them where they feel most comfortable, we do!
  • Talking to them. We are lawyers. We know we are not medical professionals or mental health counselors, however we are there to talk to our clients when they need us and we make monthly client relation calls to check in on all of our clients.
  • Working with our client’s doctors. To fully understand the seriousness of someone’s injury and explain it to an insurance company or a jury, you need to know as much as possible. We frequently speak to medical care providers about our client’s medical treatment.

Clients Are More to Us Than Just Business – They Become Family

car accident medical billsNot all law firms are like our firm. This might come off different but we genuinely appreciate working with our clients everyday. Its the best part about our job. What is even better is getting them the compensation to help them overcome the financial damages they experienced with their bite. Our clients keep in touch over the years, they follow us on social media, email, and communicate with us after an accident. You’ll appreciate your decision if you contact us.

Being injured in a dog bite attack is a very serious matter that we do not take lightly. Making our clients comfortable and doing whatever is necessary to help them is what we do! We care about our clients and our clients know it. We want our clients to be able to focus on what is important and that is healing. By making the process as easy on them as possible they can truly focus on getting well. We provide great client relations and we work hard to provide our injured clients with specialized compassionate and dedicated representation!